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5 things you need to know about applying for oil and gas jobs

oil and gas jobs
From working on a rig to working a boardroom, the oil and gas sector covers a spectrum of careers requiring varied skills, education and experience. Well-paying but highly challenging, it’s an industry than can broadly be divided into two categories: technical and commercial. Examples of technical staff include engineers, scientists (geologists, geochemists), supervisors, instrument operators, technicians and specialists. Management, sales, marketing, finance and accounts, human resource, industrial relations and supply chain management positions comprise the bulk of commercial jobs.

If you are considering applying for oil and gas jobs, an awareness of industry norms puts you at a definite advantage over others.

Other important pointers to keep in mind while looking for a job in this sector are:

You don’t have to be from the same industry
The oil and gas industry is open to lateral movements from other industries. While it is easier for candidates from other industries to find employment in commercial roles, technical roles are not beyond reach if candidates have the relevant qualifications and/or experience. Retired military personnel are especially in demand in the oil and gas industry since many of the skills with regard to safety and project planning in the defence services could find use in this sector.

You should be willing to relocate
Whereas oil and gas companies have their offices spread across the globe, their main operations are based in areas where oil and gas reserves are found. That’s why it’s important to be willing to relocate if you intend to join this industry. You could even be posted to offshore oil wells that are many miles out into the sea. While it can be a solitary life there, there is a silver lining: Employees who are posted on offshore rigs are paid substantially more than their onshore counterparts.

A service company job is easier to crack as compared to a major oil company
Service companies are those that carry out specific jobs which are outsourced by oil and gas corporations. It’s easier for a fresh graduate or someone from a different industry to land a job at a service company than one of the oil majors since the former are more willing to take in inexperienced candidates or people with experience in other industries.

Working in a service company has several advantages. It gives employees more opportunities to be on the field—an essential criterion for any oil industry employee who wants to be taken seriously. It’s also a lot of intense work in a sink-or-swim environment, providing a challenging but effective training ground for rookies. Moving to a major oil company shouldn’t pose a big problem once you’ve gathered adequate experience at a service company.

Your CV and cover letter matter
Oil and gas recruiters set great store by CVs and cover letters compared to recruiters in other sectors. Why? Oil and gas jobs require employees to take important decisions every day, where poor decisions could lead to the loss of huge sums of money and/or endanger the lives of workers. If you can’t be trusted to come up with an error-free cover letter and CV, how can you be trusted with the big decisions you will have to take as an employee? For help crafting your CV, get assistance from professional resume writers here.

The future of the oil and gas sector still looks good
Yes, the oil and gas industry is in the middle of a price slump forcing companies to cut back on spending and entire nations in the Gulf to overhaul their economies. But there are islands of hope, notably Saudi Arabia, where online hiring registered a healthy 46% year-on-year growth according to the Monster Employment Index for July 2016.

And while it is true that the industry as a whole has taken a hit, the long-term prospects still look promising considering the fact that the world’s appetite for energy will only increase. In fact, experts predict that the oil industry will emerge leaner and stronger from the present crisis in the next few years.

Oil and gas companies are constantly on the lookout for people with high levels of motivation, skill and determination. If you think you make the cut, find a Oil & Gas jobs here.

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