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Courses and Career Scope in Physical Education

Sport is a field that unites all other genres together. So the last point scored, that nail-biting end to a great start, the shattered hopes and the joy of our favorite players winning, all emotions are combined to bring joy to the heart and still hope for a better result next time, the resultant outcome is Sports.

With an increase in the dynamic scenario of overweight children and obesity traits, there is special attention to the popularization of various cultural and non-cultural sports in different sporting events and championships. This aims to maintain a healthy atmosphere and encourages people to think and compete in a healthy environment of games. Regular physical activities help a person develop an affinity towards the positive outlook of life, and hence, the focus is given to creating an atmosphere of sports from childhood. Several schools and colleges have started introducing physical education as a mandatory subject where the kids are made to participate in different games and tire themselves out. This paves the way for future career options in physical education and increases the rate of employment as physical education teaching becomes a mainstream full-time job.

In order to maintain a healthy office atmosphere, not just the schools and colleges, but corporate offices have also started focusing on providing the best sports scenes and opportunities to their employees for representing them and bagging laurels. This has increased the demand for trained and qualified physical education teacher options, or coaches for different parts of a game. For instance, cricket might be viewed as one game, but batting, bowling, wicket-keeping, and fielding are the four different aspects that comprise the whole game. Batting includes multiple methodologies, and so does each of bowling, wicket-keeping, and fielding. So each of these aspects needs a specialized coach who can understand different player conditions, playing conditions, and pressure situations to form strategies that suit each condition the best way possible. Similarly, every other game has multiple different angles and needs a different style of coaching and mentoring.

Physical education teaching, therefore, is not a child’s play. It requires constant up-gradation with the tactics and changing methods of players. The experience gained here brings a new aspect of playing and develops focus on the task at hand.

Courses offered in Physical Education

To pursue a successful career option in physical education, it is mandatory to learn the basic requirements from a reputed source. This not only builds the credibility of knowledge but also removes the possibility of doing something ungainly. People with a genuine interest in having a career option is physical education should take up courses to elevate their knowledge and be updated with the dynamic laws of the sports federation. Some of the courses offered by reputed universities are:

a) Certificate in Physical education

b) Diploma in Physical Education

c) Bachelors in Physical Education

d) Masters in Physical Education

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Career Scope of Taking Physical Education as a Course

The people who are qualified Physical Education Trainers can be:

1. Physical Education School Teacher

These are the PT teachers deployed in schools to inculcate a love for playing amongst the children and try to pursue the field as a career while the time is right. The body of youngsters is quite flexible and agile. This leads to a possibility of proper molding of the body to a physique of a sports player. The job role of a person opting to be a physical education school teacher for career options in physical education is to make sure at a young age; the talent is recognized and is sent to the right coach for glory.

2. Physical Education College/ University Trainer

Every college has a sports team and in the inter-college matches, these sports teams compete to gain medals and prizes. These matches need constant coaching and vigilance. For these, there is a need for many physical education teaching options that can take physical education seriously and pave the way for their mentees.

3. Aerobics

Career options in physical education are not just limited to track and field type games and sports. Even exercising can be a part of physical education teaching. Physical education aims to ignite the want to play a game and stay active on all life fronts. Aerobics is also a healthy body exercise involving dancing to high-tempo music to gain a fantastic shape. Aerobics looks very easy flowing and fluid, but it is a challenging art form. It involves constant movement, and it pumps blood to and from the heart fast. This makes the extra fat in the body burn down and creates a fit body shape.

4. Yoga

An ancient Indian exercise method, mostly stretching and body exercises, including breathing and increased flexibility, is called yoga. This emerging method involves no use of artificial machinery and is done on floors or yoga mats. For those exploring career options in physical education, yoga is a field of interest. There are multiple certifications related to yoga and health coordinators to make their lifestyle as a physical trainer specializing in yoga. This is a high-paying field with minimum investment, and since it is scientifically proven to remove diseases, it is worth a lot of attraction. It is a science of exercising taking inspiration from nature, and hence it is preferred to practice yoga amidst nature. This avoids a lot of infrastructure costs and pays well if the instructor is properly trained and has a good portfolio of curing problems that medical science also struggles with.

5. Nutritionist

A person who is well-read with the health and fitness regime knows the importance of good eating habits. Taking this up as a course for those seeking career options in physical education becomes an interesting field. Nutritionists determine what should be an average diet of a person and the daily intake of carbs, gluten, fat, calories, and the likes.  They are responsible for making a perfect diet chart so that the body never goes into a relapse phase due to reduced eating. They also need to ensure that their patients do not go into stress eating or mental stress due to lack of required minerals. The repercussions are as deadly as fatal in case wrong dietary measures are taken. So, it is a high-risk work with huge payment benefits and increased interest from people who wish to adopt a good lifestyle apart from junk eating.

6. Naturopathy

A culmination of natural resources to grant a feeling of reeling in the laps of nature and depending upon nature to get a cure for life is covered in naturopathy. The aspiring career options in physical education searchers need to study nature and understand the uses of various health and fitness aspects of natural resources that cannot just be used as medicine but also included in daily routine like grass walk, mud bath and other methods that will bring a drastic change in the person’s lifestyle. This is also a much-hyped field and is demanded by those who are fed up with their routine city lives. If mastered well, it will garner great results.

7. Sports Journalist

Being associated with physical education brings in another exciting field, sports journalism. While in search of good career options in physical education, if you are good with mincing words, try out sports journalism. There are two reasons for the same:

a) Sports journalism is not understood by many people because they don’t have good knowledge about the sport and they don’t have good memory and interest in it to remember and understand it, so the existing quality of sports journalism requires huge improvement.

b) Sports journalism requires proper mincing of words along with extreme passion and dedication to understand the sport completely well and then be able to communicate the same in total non-technical terms to the common layman who has an interest in witnessing sports but has no clue about the technicalities of the sport. 

Both these reasons make a pretty good list of why sports journalism is an extensively needed career. Also, many cultural and local sports have relevance and follow only in a particular region due to the lack of proper sports journalists and presenters. We will talk about sports presenters sometime later. Still, all the efforts of organizing a sport will go to waste if adequate coverage is not provided and if the audience doesn’t pay for the tickets to make it a spectator sport. The scope in this field is unlimited. The possibility to outshine with a different presentation style is the only key to making any sport a spectator sport in an exciting manner.

8. Sports Organizer/ Presenter

These are the people who organize championships, constitute the committee and collect funds to award the winners and give them recognition and pave their way to more championships for practice and good performance. This is also an amazing career option in physical education. These organizers try to popularize a sport and then make it watch-worthy. They gather investors and create a concept that will be watched and bid upon. They make possible the telecast rights have been arranged for and then make presentable marketing for gathering audiences. All this makes the sports watch worthy and collects a wide audience. It is a type of sports journalism, with only more marketing, presentation, and promotion in focus.

9. Fitness Instructor

This is a new and amazingly popular budding field in career options in physical education. A qualified person can train themselves in physical education training and become a fitness instructor for any organization or work freelance. They charge a lot of money for being a personal trainer and therefore, it is an exciting method of earning money. These days, celebrity fitness experts also make sure to handle a celebrities’ routine and still keep them in shape for all their requirements. Also, there is an option for social media instruction. The instructor can obtain a license for delivering their knowledge to others and start with a mobile phone or a video recording camera. Once good videos are made, and it starts gaining reach, likes, comments, shares, and engagements, multiple brands pay these influencer instructors to promote their products and boost their sales.

Hence, if we see in totality, there are gazillion possibilities in any field, if not directly what someone is doing, and then being the backbone to some other field and being indirectly connected. The only correct direction is needed and every person can find their niche or mass-market themselves. Even physical education, which seems like a very restricted field, has more options than one can imagine only if there is a true spirit to pursue the same and deliver results. It is not the field that brings opportunities, it is the zeal to find the loophole and the drive within to fix it while earning out of it.

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1. How does physical education help in future endeavors?

Increasing muscle strength and toning the body is an important aspect of overall health. 

2. Is physical education a good career choice which pays well?

Physical Education is indeed a rewarding field, however for someone starting out it might pay less but the possibilities are endless.

3. What are the benefits of physical education?

Improving overall health, reducing stress, increasing proper blood flow, and regulating weight gain are some of the best aspects of PE.

4. What are some of the negative impacts of this?

Many schools are opting out of teaching physical education due to economic conditions. The results may vary for a lot of reasons amongst a lot of people.

5. Name some of the components of PE.

Agility, reaction power, balance, strength, speed etc.

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