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Best Career options in Biology after 12th

If your choice of stream in your graduation course in biology, medical school is not the only option you have. Since it is the basic in fields like healthcare and science sectors, and if you search for biology degree jobs in areas other than the ones mentioned above, there are many different options you can choose from, revolving around these.

There are some best career options in biology since this field opens the door to many surrounding career possibilities, too, involving other minor skills of different fields. For example, a biological technician should be well-versed in the basic concepts of pathology. You will also need to master the knowledge of lab equipment with a bit of background in academic research and collaborative results. The above skills are a prerequisite, and you can work at different places like medical schools, government agencies, biotechnological or pharmaceutical firms, or even at non-profit organizations

If you are a major in biology or any of it’s a spectrum like physiology and anatomy major, genetics biology major, or obstetrics biology major, to name a few, but wants to expand your career options by just not stopping at medical schools or health care systems then look no further, this article will provide you with different biology career options by informing you about other jobs which are in the swing to get you going.

Career Options in Biology in India

1. Biochemist:

With a firm knowledge in chemistry and biology, with additional skills of anatomy, physiology, writing, and presentational skills and keen on researching, then this is the perfect job for you. You will also need to know the basics about designing and building up new drugs.
Since this is a developing field, this biology career option is very promising and you are guaranteed a great and growing career with good paychecks.

2. Health Educator:

People of this field promote awareness about good health and its benefits, so needless to say, if you want to become a health Educator, you need to have in-kind all the complex information about various foods and regimens and must also be aware of multiple ongoing research regarding health, and it’s proper maintenance.
You must also have good communication skills to tell what you have learned and convey it so that a layperson can understand it vividly. You write and preach about scientific and biological facts like sex, nutrition, stress reduction, addiction, home remedies, and much-related information.

3. Attorney:

Yes, you read that right! Many majors have such a wide spectrum of biology career options that allow you to work in a variety of fields. Here, you can work on different scientific knowledge and reasoning. Other sector lawyers like patent or intellectual property lawyers would want solid proof based on genetics, fingerprinting, and DNA, and it’s your job to make them understand the science behind biotechnology. You are required to work on the case with them to process applications of patents and defend clients against infringement. Environmental attorneys encourage and contest projects on ecological causes and put their effort in perseverance on the ecosystem.

4. Health communications specialist:

If you choose this career you are expected to educate the communities about various health concerns by putting your focus on public health issues like various communicable diseases, health management and even dietetics. If you are good at what you do, you will be employed by huge big multi specialty hospitals and healthcare companies with promising salaries. Your job as a health communication specialist is to coordinate in the projects conducted by the companies by gathering data and statistics of various health criteria for different public health campaigns and you would have to be good in marketing strategies, community involvement and analytics. You also have to be strong in writing and interpersonal skills to discuss projects related to human health to a wide range of audiences. As a biology major, you can provide a strong base, which will help kick start a project and be a successful one.

5. Agriculture and Food scientists:

With the growing population, we the responsible educated need more efficient ways to produce food all while saving the environment and its non renewable resources, pollution and many other calamities. The job of an agriculture and food scientist is to improve agricultural practices and manufacture products with scientific knowledge. This career is in scope now, and if you possess the good skills and smooth talent this job requires, you can bag a high-paying job as this career’s growth is estimated to be around 6%.

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6. Environmental scientists:

Being an environmental scientist, you can conduct projects and experiments, mainly focusing on the environment, which will benefit human and animal health. This field, too, is up-and-coming, and you have a chance to discover possibilities of preserving the environment and aiding the health of its fauna. As the statistics say, environmental health has a career growth of around 8 percent, which on average is more than any job market. You can quickly start earning soon after graduation as this career needs only a bachelor’s degree and landing a job full of opportunities.

7. Technical Writer:

If the art of writing is your niche, you can open blogs, write about all the scientific facts and provide awareness about health by educating people about different health practices and its side effects. You can also talk about diseases. Especially at times lik the global pandemic and epidemics where false news spreads faster than wild forest fire, you can help create awareness by toning down the tumour, spread awareness, and help people in difficult times. You need to have a good skill of researching the facts and information, make sure you are precise and your content has no room for a debate. Nowadays, people search the internet about literally anything and everything and typing their symptoms and looking up is one big part of it, of course diagnosis with an actual doctor is an ultimatum but you can clear their doubt and avoid their unnecessary panic.

8. Postsecondary Biology Teacher:

No doubt, the human body is one fascinating subject, and there are so many ways in which you can make the subject so much more interesting than it already is; by having good communication skills and command over the topic, you can be a favorite teacher loved by your students and make biology a favorite subject for them too. By being liked by all your students, you can make the subject exciting and request further study. With the job growth being 12% currently, you are sure that your job will be very promising in all aspects.

9. Zoologist:

As it is known that a zoologist studies animals, their behaviour, evolution, classification and distribution. As a zoologist you can do both indoor and outdoor work by studying different specimens and all aspects surrounding them. You will mainly include conservation of different endangered species and habitats, even attend and give seminars about animal health and welfare and their contribution towards the environment, which indirectly helps out health. You can produce different articles about controlling pests and diseases and how one can safeguard from its fatalities, drug development, and its research, improve agriculture by introducing different methodologies to equip the field of agriculture through scientific facts and enhance the crop yield naturally and curing down of synthetic pesticides. You can expect high salaries in this field since it’s very innovative.

10. Physiotherapist:

This is a common field of biology that is ever blooming; the purpose of a physiotherapist is to restore or maintain normal mobility and function. This field of physiotherapy is seen in several treatments, mostly coming to light during post-surgery. Still, it is essential from maintaining a healthy joint or dealing with the spinal problem to the rehabilitation after physical accidents or injury involving breaking or dislocating of bones. Your job is to treat a wide range of complaints, including discomforts, pain, and difficulties in moving that particular organ. You have advice for different exercises for these conditions. As it is already mentioned that this field is in scope, you will also have high financial and social rewards.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding biology career options which will help you get a clear idea and guide you to choose a field of your choice accordingly.

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Frequently asked questions about biology career options:

1. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, do I have a promising career or should I go for further higher studies?

Answer: Being a major in biology holds promising jobs and they are not just limited to hospitals, healthcare or schools. With a little extra skills about technology, mathematics and communication you can work in a wide range of fields like Financial analyst, health educator, a specialist in environmental science, medical scientist etc. If you are not satisfied with the career options you can always go for a higher education and increase your career perimeter.

2. As a biology major, what all skills do I have to include in my CV or resume?

Answer: In addition to the subject specific knowledge you possess, you need to have a range of practical and technical abilities and be aware of the usage of different technical equipment.
Your CV or resume must also include your skills like:
Communication, report writing, presentations and teleworking
Collaboration of the projects you were involved in.
Additional skills like mathematics, chemistry and computer literacy.
These are a few of the skills you can include in your CV or resume.

3. What do biology graduates do?

Answer: More than 65% of the biology graduates find jobs as soon as they are graduated. One in every ten biologists become laboratory technicians.

4. How will the itching profession for a biology major be?

Answer: As the need for education is bound to increase more in the future than it already is, your career as a biology teacher will be very promising with new opportunities in reputed institutions .

5. I’m a major in biology, what are my career options in government and policy?

Answer: Biology career options in government will involve making new legislation and policies for the public’s welfare. Your role will be to make sure the changes are based on solid science; you may work at a regional or a national level as a political advisor for various organizations. You may also work as a representative for different political committee groups, conduct non-profits organizations in your area, and work on the public’s welfare.

Even if you are not sure which area of ​​biology you are interested in, an internship can give you a useful insight into what the work is like doing internship projects in a research laboratory, getting to attend conferences both in the country and abroad. Good academics is the key to a successful career in biology. The field to this line has many opportunities and most of these choices yield lucrative results. Biology has many scope for growth and hopefully the options mentioned above would guide you towards the right one.

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