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Top 15 IAS Interview Questions and Answers [2024]

Are you gearing up for the IAS interview in 2024? Congratulations on reaching this crucial stage of the Civil Services examination!

The present-day Civil Services Exam has its roots in the year 1922, when our motherland India was under British rule.

Yes, you heard that right; this prestigious exam was started by the Britishers, which was then known as Imperial Civil Service, and later on, it got renamed as Indian Civil Service. This prestigious exam got its name- Indian Administrative Service (IAS) after independence.

The IAS exam is termed to be the most difficult competitive examination in India. One has to clear both the Prelims and Mains to reach the final stage, which is the IAS interview.

At this stage, you will be judged on the basis of your knowledge, personality, skills, wit, and qualities to get selected for the various posts under the Indian Administrative Services.

These qualities are a must to have if you have decided to become an IAS officer. All of these qualities should be part of your daily regime along with the actual preparation, as these qualities will take some time to develop.

The first and the foremost question that strikes an aspirant is- ‘How to prepare for an IAS interview?’ Well, there are several ways to prepare the IAS interview questions and answers to get a real feel of the level associated with an IAS interview.

One can take the available IAS mock interviews of any renowned coaching center to prepare yourself for the actual interview. With such tests, you’ll get the hang of real IAS interview scenarios along with the level of questions asked in IAS interview.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you prepare some of the best IAS interview questions and answers for the year 2024, along with providing some frequently asked IAS interviews questions with answers.

Some Basic IAS Interview Questions and Answers

Q1: Give a brief introduction of yourself.

How to answer: While answering this question in an IAS interview, one should mention all the details, which include personal details, educational qualifications, professional life, etc., confidently.

The answer should be precise and in resonance with the resume that you’ve provided to the panel. You can achieve proficiency in answering such questions with confidence by taking some IAS mock interviews before going for an actual interview.

Q2: Tell me about your strengths and weak points.

This is one of those IAS interview questions that the interview panel generally asks to check the candidate’s level of honesty and how better he knows himself. Honesty is the key quality that an IAS officer should possess apart from having all the knowledge.

How to answer: Always be honest about your answers while answering almost every question asked in the IAS interview. As no one in this world is born perfect, everyone has their own strengths and flaws, so just don’t hesitate while telling your strengths and weaknesses. Always answer such questions with confidence.

Q3: Why do you want to become an IAS officer?

This is one of the standard yet trickiest questions asked in an IAS interview. The idea behind this question is to check a candidate’s clarity of thought and the motivation associated with his/her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

How to answer: There is no such best answer to this IAS interview question as every candidate has an entirely different story to present to answer this frequently asked question.

So it is better to prepare this answer in advance to impress the interviewing panel. You can take some of the available IAS mock interviews to brush up on your answers before going for an actual IAS interview.

Q4: Why did you choose XYZ subject as your optional?

The interviewing panel generally asks this question to find out your idea behind choosing such an optional subject different from your field of graduation.

How to answer: To answer this question when asked in an IAS interview, just be honest and straightforward and tell them the exact reason behind your different approach.

The prestigious IAS interview tests the candidate over the level of their thinking apart from all that bookish knowledge.

This is to check how out-of-the-box one can think to find solutions to solve some tasks and problems. So let’s check some of the trickiest IAS interview questions and answers to get the hang of them.

Q5: Can you name three consecutive days without using the actual days?

How to answer: I can bet most people fail to answer this question asked in an IAS interview. Well, it is usually complicated if you are not an out-of-the-box thinker or are generally new to such types of questions. You can slowly adapt to the level of such questions with practice. 

The answer to this question will be Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Q6: A woman has nine children. Out of which half are boys. How is it possible?

How to answer: One has to use his common sense and a tad bit of analytical thinking while answering such questions asked in an IAS interview. If you go through the question sincerely, you’ll definitely get your answer. The answer is right there, hidden in the question itself.

A woman has nine children. This makes the total number of members equal to 10. Out of which 5 are boys, and the other 5 are girls (woman and rest of the four children).

Q7: A person was pushed out of an airplane without any parachute. He survived. How’s that possible?

How to answer: The sole purpose of asking such questions and answer in an IAS interview is to check the presence of mind of a candidate. 

The answer to this question will be: The airplane was on the runway or parked in the hangar.

Q8: The peacock is a bird that doesn’t lay eggs. How do they get baby peacocks?

How to answer: Here is another tricky IAS interview question right in front of you. The interviewer asks such a question to test your common sense and clarity of thoughts. Such tricky questions are quite easy to answer. Only you have to use your common sense to answer these types of questions.

The answer to this question will be: It is the peahen who lays eggs, not the peacock.

Q9: A cat had three kittens: January, March, and May. What was their mother’s name?

How to answer: Here is another tricky question from the pool of questions asked in an IAS interview. Such questions are all about applying common sense and paying attention to the asked question. Everything is given right there in the question itself. You just have to have that right eye to find out the answer.

The answer to this question will be: It is clearly stated that ‘What’ was the name of their mother.

Q10: There are these twin brothers who were born in May, but their birthday is in June. How is that possible?

How to answer: It is one of those frequently asked trickiest questions of all time. It takes a good presence of mind to answer these types of questions asked in an IAS interview. Such an approach can only be developed by lots of practice or by taking all those IAS mock interviews before an actual IAS interview.

The answer to this question will be: May is the name of the birthplace where the babies were born.

Q11: How can a person live up to 8 days without sleep?

How to answer: Let’s find out how to answer such tricky questions asked in an IAS interview. It all takes a good presence of mind along with some out-of-the-box thinking to answer such questions. You can easily find out the answer by paying sincere attention to all the tricky questions asked by the interviewing panel.

The answer to this question will be: By sleeping at night. 

Q12: What does half an apple look like?

How to answer: Most of the candidates get confused while answering such tricky questions asked in an IAS interview. This one takes the right attention and a good presence of mind to answer this question.

The answer to this question will be: Exactly like the other half of the apple.

Q13: Suppose I’ve ordered coffee for the candidate. Coffee arrived on time and was kept before the candidate. What is before you?

How to answer: Here is another trickiest question from the pool of questions asked in an IAS interview. Let’s see how we can answer this one.

The answer to this question will be Alphabet ‘T’. Because the alphabet ‘T’ comes before the alphabet ‘U’.

Q14: If you had 2 plums and 3 pears in one hand and 3 plums and 2 pears in the other hand, what would you have?

How to answer: Let’s try to answer this tricky question asked in an IAS interview in a similar fashion. Your answer can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd as most of the candidates will answer this one something like five plums and five pears.

The tricky answer to this question will be: Very big hands!

Q15: What is the opposite of Nag Panchmi?

How to answer: The answer to this question asked in an IAS interview will be something like, “Nag did not punch me”. This one is quite funny, though.

Here is a bag full of the best IAS questions and answers just for you to start practicing without any delay for your upcoming IAS interview. So just give your best shot to turn your dream of becoming an IAS officer into reality.

IAS Interview Tips for 2024

Here are some essential tips to help you shine during your IAS interview:

Be ConfidentMaintain eye contact, speak clearly, and exude confidence in your responses.
Stay InformedKeep abreast of current affairs, government policies, and global events to showcase your knowledge.
Practice Mock InterviewsFamiliarize yourself with the interview process by practicing with friends or mentors.
Body Language MattersPay attention to your body language. Maintain a composed posture and gesture naturally.
Be Honest and AuthenticAnswer questions truthfully, and let your genuine personality shine through.
Brush Up on Your DAFKnow your Detailed Application Form (DAF) thoroughly, as questions may be asked based on it.
Think Before You SpeakTake a moment to gather your thoughts before responding to complex questions.
Revise Your Optional SubjectBe prepared to answer questions related to your chosen optional subject in the UPSC mains examination.
Read and Reflect on Your HobbiesIf asked about your hobbies, be ready to discuss them in a way that reflects your passion and dedication.
Stay PositiveApproach the interview with a positive mindset. Even if faced with challenging questions, maintain composure.

Follow these tips for IAS interview, and you’ll be well on your way to impressing the interview panel. Best of luck on your IAS journey!

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