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8 Best IPS Interview Questions and Answers

The IPS examinations top the list when it comes down to the toughest government exams in India. Though a thorough practice is  key, some candidates find it tough to make up even after constant efforts.

The IPS interview questions are prepared by a panel of experts from different fields of study. Questions asked in IPS mock interviews are often perceived to be a life-threatening experience for many. A competent performer is often seen facing a situation of crisis when such  IPS interview questions crop up. 

Among the several interviews that require higher levels of expertise, the IPS examination is the one that falls under the same category. Thus, to help the aspiring candidates with their interview hustle, IPS interview questions and the most suitable answer. To make your journey easier, we have curated this piece of content to enable you to experience a smooth round of IPS interview questions. 

List of 8 Common IPS Interview Questions and Answers

IPS interview questions are most tricky. But on the contrary, tough questions always demand intelligent answers. So with that, let us look at some of the seemingly difficult questions but can help you secure a good impression in the interviewer’s eyes. 

Q1. What were the driving factors behind opting for civil services?

This IPS interview question falls among the most commonly asked questions that almost all aspiring candidates have to undergo in their interview round. The question is directed to test your dedication levels towards serving the nation as a government officer. In addition, you can talk about any past instances that made you realize the importance of serving the nation. 

Besides, make it a point to highlight all facts that would support this IPS interview question at hand. Your perception about your motherland and how you can contribute to its betterment would be an ideal aspect to talk about. 

Q2. What do you count on as your strengths and weaknesses?

The employer seeks to gain a fair idea about your self-analysis skills. The ideal approach would be to mention your strengths and drawbacks in an enlisted manner with a brief description to support your enlist attributes. In addition, however, it would be ideal for correlating your strengths with how they can help you in the career you wish to pursue. 

For the weaknesses, make sure you have a clear idea of the steps that need to be undertaken to deal with the shortcomings you have. If pleased with your self-esteem, the interviewer is most likely to perceive you as a suitable candidate. 

Q3. Could you throw some light on your hobbies and area of interest?

Talking about your hobbies and area of interest gives the interviewer an idea of the kind of person you are naturally. These are the IPS interview questions that you ought to be prepared for without any hesitation at your end. For example, a docile person will reflect calmly in their answer.

On the other hand, a person full of fun and frolic will, in all probability, come up with a solution full of adventure and mystery. 

Thus, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect your true self to the interviewing panel. Serving society is one such job that requires a lot of critical analysis of the ideal candidate’s nature. And, the board leaves out no scope in scrutinizing you as an aspirant. 

Q4. If you are offered the role of SP, what would be your approach to reducing crime rates in a particular area?

This IPS interview question deserves a place in the list of tricky IPS interview questions. Framing an answer for a question as such requires a deep sense of analysis.

However, the answer might be simply because there is no specific region talked about. Instead, the employer seeks to analyze your ability to comprehend a long-prevailing situation of crisis. 

Different regions of India are symbolic of different types of crimes taking place specific to the area. Thus, it would be ideal for supporting your answer with an example and a brief description of your plans to deal with crime in the region. Portraying your skills of awareness is also put to the test with such questions. 

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Q5. How would you react if you find your close ones involved in illegal activity while investigating a case?

Most aspirants would find themselves out of their wits when faced up with such a controversial question. It is, in the true sense, a conflict between moral obligation and societal norms. For rightly answering such a question, neutrality is the key. If your answer seems biased, you miss out on the opportunity in no time. 

As a person serving the society for a better tomorrow, you would be expected to uphold societal norms irrespective of any situation. Thus, ensure to highlight why you would pick one over the other. It is the reasons that are taken into consideration. 

Q6. What measures would you take to handle a situation of conflict?

Conflict management is in itself a high-value trait that most people come blessed with naturally. Thus, if you wish to ace the answer, the trick is to frame your answer in a way that depicts conflict management to be your strength.

For example, talking about a feeling of empathy, cooperation, and other humane traits would be an ideal pick.  

The interviewer seeks to understand your approach and attitude towards handling a situation of crisis. If you can support your answer with a plan following your initiatives, that in itself would be a power-packed answer to leave the interviewer in a state of awe. 

Q7. How would you define success in your own words?

The word success has no specific definition. Though literally, it holds a meaning, it is liable to multiple phases of interpretation by different people.

Therefore, your definition of success ought to vary from the other aspiring candidates. Reflect on each area of success in your life that is relevant at the moment. 

As an aspiring IPS candidate, it would be ideal to answer this IPS interview question that makes success a perpetual existence and not just a single or some few incidents. However, it is not the numeric value that can bring about success.

Securing the first position is not all that defines success in life. 

Q8. How easy/difficult would it be for you to manage a team?

Portraying oneself as a team player can always help you secure a good enough perspective in the interviewer’s eyes.

For example, your job might not be restricted to a specific region, and you might be working with a team of different people. Both subordinates and companies from other places would be difficult to deal with. 

However, as an aspirant, you would be expected to be a suitable fit in handling a team of members to get a particular task done with all efficiency.

You can talk about instances in the past where your team management skill was tested, and you went in all flying colours facing the situation.

IPS Interview Preparation Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Candidates 

Learning the probable IPS interview questions and preparing for the same is a traditional practice. But, for modern day interview preparations, the process involves a lot more effort.

Besides the question and their answer guide, here are a few tips and tricks that go a long way in building you up as an ideal candidate:

  • Motivation is the key. Failures might come your way but, fighting it out with optimism is all you need to meet success. 
  • A consistent approach is a must for any IPS aspiring candidate. Thus, even while preparing answers, ensure that your sense of consistency is reflected at its best. 
  • Listening to mock interviews and preparing likewise can be a highly effective method of preparation as adopted by several aspirants by far. 
  • Make sure to be confident with every answer that is showered at you. Be it a tricky one or a seemingly difficult one, a confident answer is far beyond all parameters. 
  • Preparing for the interview round necessitates you to hone your vocational skills. If you are all geared up with your answers but fail to put it through, it would not fetch you anything.

Final Thoughts on IPS Interview Questions and Answers

Cracking the UPSC exams is no fun. Aspirants keep struggling years after years to get to what they always dreamt of. Some might even land up with everlasting despair. The success rate for the IPS examination is the lowest and thus, candidates are turned down almost every year. However, there is no reason why one should not try their luck out. 

You have all the probability of cracking the IPS interview questions with the proper preparation at hand. Materials supporting the syllabus, interview questions, mock interviews video are all flooded on the internet today.

There are enough resources that candidates today can seek help from. And with a little bit of smartness and presence of mind attached along with each  IPS interview question, you are all good to go. So what else are you waiting for? Go about acing your interview round with the best of preparations at hand. 

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