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Seeking jobs in UAE? 4 important tips for locals

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When it comes to jobs in UAE, locals have a distinct advantage over expatriates as the government’s Emiratization programme encourages employers to hire UAE nationals. However, expats may still be preferred due to their proficiency in English and skills they bring in.

As an Emirati job-seeker, you should be clear about rules of employment in your country so that you can use them to your advantage. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Emiratization gives you a head start
Expats account for a staggering 88.5% of the UAE workforce, an imbalance the government is trying to correct with its Emiratization programme. The objective of Emiratization is to develop a national workforce and integrate more and more Emiratis into the economic mainstream. The government actively encourages recruitment of Emiratis in the private and public sectors and has even framed laws in this regard. As an Emirati, you are eligible for employment under this programme, giving you a definite head start.

Knowing a foreign language helps
Many employers in the UAE are multinational entities with roots abroad. This makes knowing a foreign language a major advantage during a job search. When it comes to hiring Emiratis, most companies are on the lookout for candidates who can speak and write good English. Apart from English, knowledge of French, German or Spanish could be a distinct advantage.

Preparing a good CV is vital
Recruiters form their first impression of a candidate based on their CVs. Make sure you create a winning CV. Don’t forget to add keywords; many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems that eliminate CVs without the right keywords even if candidates may have all the necessary qualifications. In addition to this, employers these days prefer to see achievements on your resume rather than a laundry list of roles and responsibilities. If you aren’t confident about your CV, try using a professional resume writing service.

Put yourself out there
Press full steam ahead if you’ve decided to look for a job. Adopt a variety of channels – like uploading your CV here, checking a company website for new openings, and attending job fairs. Many companies that attend job fairs have recruitment targets for hiring Emiratis and are known to hire candidates on the spot.

Most Emiratis queue up for public sector jobs because they have a sense of social prestige attached to them, have respectable salaries, provide better job security, and entail shorter working hours. But the private sector could be equally rewarding with challenging assignments, a chance to rise up the hierarchy more quickly, and the opportunity to make more money. Don’t limit your choices if you’re looking for a job. Find the sector best suited to you and go ahead!

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