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The 5 Most Important Logistics Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is not just a truly global city, but an industrial hub as well. Dubai is home to booming financial services, construction, and petroleum industries.

No wonder, among these the construction and petroleum industries require an immense and disciplined logistics department to carry out functions effectively. As a result of the same, logistics jobs in Dubai have always been extremely important.

Here is a look at five of the most popular logistics jobs in Dubai.

Logistics Analyst

A logistics analyst combines the very popular field of data science with the essential function of logistics. It is important for all kinds of companies to continuously review the efficiency of their activities. Logistics generally requires high efficiency as well as productivity, making the job of logistics analysts all the more integral. The data interpreted by a logistics analyst will typically help senior management in identifying areas where improvements are possible. Having deep knowledge of statistics and computer programming is an essential requirement for the job. It is generally a well-paying job, which gives it a place among lucrative logistics jobs in Dubai.

Logistics Engineer

A logistics engineer explores solutions to logistics problems in a firm. If you have ever worked in the construction industry, you are bound to understand the importance of a logistics engineer. Even after a logistics department has been set up and processes are in place, you encounter issues with these processes in one way or the other daily. A logistics engineer uses engineering and mathematics principles, as well as previously generated data, in order to look for ways around these problems. This is among the most important logistics jobs in the country.

Purchasing Lead

The construction and petroleum industries are generally very inventory intensive and hence the role of a purchasing lead is among the important logistics jobs. A purchasing lead is in charge of constantly staying in touch with both manufacturers and retailers, and maintaining appropriate levels of inventory in order to keep up with consumer demand. A purchasing lead needs to always be in tune with recent market data and use previous experience to preempt future demand. They must negotiate contracts with the manufacturer as well as the retail and be on the lookout for better returns on investment.

Inventory Control Specialist

An inventory control specialist is an expert logistics job in Dubai as it requires great knowledge of subjects such as supply chain management, operations management, and even statistics. An inventory control specialist will ensure that the amount of inventory in storage in neither too much nor too little, and that the order of inventory is being placed at the right time. The inventory control specialist will also be in charge of deciding the inventory procurement strategy and calculating important values such as the minimum and optimum order quantities, keeping in mind the prospective future demand.

Transportation Manager

A transportation manager is responsible for maintaining the movement of resources and goods in the supply chain. The transportation manager signs off on routes, schedules, and even the amount of inventory being transported from one location in the supply chain to another. The transportation manager also sets up safety regulations, procures new vehicles, and orients drivers and transportation workers.

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