Director, Collection Development and Management

Company Name Confidential
10-20 years
50000 - 90000 AED
53 Applied
Job Description

Our client is a prestigious government entity based in Riyadh is looking for Collection Development and Management
Primary purpose of the role
The Director, Collection Development and Management is responsible for collection building and cataloguing, the description and storytelling of collection materials, which also involves work on content information and project management. The position comprises of Collection Development; Descriptive Metadata and Cataloguing; and Unpublished, Audio-visual, Photographic and Manuscript Collection Management units

Key accountabilities
  • Overall collection management, ensuring the museum upholds best practices and museum standards for the preservation, care, documentation, and display of artwork, including research, hands-on treatment, and preventative conservation
  • All aspects of artwork storage, including near and long-term planning and management, in which the collection (and loans) is housed, both for storage and display
  • The Director, Collections Management coordinates and manages multiple, often complicated, concurrent projects; leads a large, dynamic team; demonstrates attention to detail and the ability to develop, implement, and track project and departmental budgets; presents a strong understanding of proper documentation for acquisitions, collections objects, loans, and other administrative functions; and has knowledge of appropriate care, handling, and storage for a wide range of objects.

  • Planning and organizing Sets clearly defined departmental strategic priorities and objectives, plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances, manages time effectively, identifies and organizes resources needed to accomplish tasks, monitors performance against deadlines and milestones
  • Adapting and responding to change Is nimble in adjusting and adapting to shifting priorities and able to balance multiple tasks efficiently and effectively, accepts new ideas and change initiatives, adapts interpersonal style to suit different people or situations, shows respect and sensitivity toward differences, deals with ambiguity and maks positive use of the opportunities it presents.
  • Leading and supervising Provides others with clear direction, sets appropriate standards of behaviour, delegates work appropriately and fairly, motivates staff, provides staff with development opportunities and coaching, recruits staff of a high calibres
  • Adhering to principles and values Upholds ethics and values, demonstrates integrity, promotes and defends equal opportunities and builds diverse teams, encourages organizational and individual responsibility.
  • Collections Management
  • Work with the museum's management team to define, outline, and implement department goals to align with its near and long-term plans
  • Research, recommend, and manage long-term storage planning and collection relocation
  • Ensure all aspects of the physical and records management of the museum's collection are handled according to museum best practices and professional standards. This includes accurate and up to date record keeping, appropriate standards of storage, security, and risk management, and taking preventive conservation action.
  • Directly plan and execute the museum's conservation and collection environment management program for exhibitions and galleries on site and storage facilities both onsite and offsite, including establishing annual priorities and plans and monitoring implementation
  • Evaluate current practices and develop new practices in collections management and care, ensure long-range sustainability of the collection, and make use of changing technology in service of protecting and preserving the collection
  • Respect the cultural origins and cultural integrity of objects and their uses
  • Oversee registration team that manages the processing of all incoming and outgoing loans of objects ensuring accurate and up-to-date record keeping, treatment, and documentation
  • Oversee procedures relative to museum acquisitions and with registration and curatorial teams to ensure all necessary requirements are met
  • Oversee the management of storage and gallery climate conditions on-site and works with facilities staff to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity level
  • Facilitate all collections conservation, including oversight of managing conservation treatment calendar and budgets, as well as engaging contract conservators and paying invoices
Skills & Qualifications:
  • experienced understanding of collection development and management principles within a cultural institution or community organisation.
  • knowledge of the appropriate care and management, and heritage materials with a working knowledge of copyright legislation, cultural protocols, and related cultural safety issues.




Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree

Company Name Confidential

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