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Environment & Culture Engagement Section Manager

Maharah Human Resources


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5-7 Years
4 days ago
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Job Description

About the Company:

At Maharah, we work on elevating the human resources sector in the region by providing manpower services for the public and private sectors and meeting the needs of the local market through an integrated service, including the services of the business sector, the individuals sector, Esnad Maharah Nationalization Program and the talent hub platform services. Maharah aims to provide the market with national and foreign manpower, highly qualified in more than 280 professions, as well as providing innovative solutions to human resources departments in various sectors.


  1. Environment and Culture Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive environment and culture engagement strategy aligned with the organization's goals and values.
  2. Employee Engagement Programs: Design and execute programs and initiatives that foster employee engagement, well-being, and satisfaction, including recognition programs, wellness activities, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Drive environmental sustainability efforts by implementing practices that reduce waste, conserve resources, promote energy efficiency, and support green initiatives.
  4. Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with various teams, including HR, facilities, and sustainability, to align efforts and ensure integration of environment and culture initiatives throughout the organization.
  5. Communication and Training: Develop communication plans and deliver training sessions to educate employees on environment and culture initiatives, promoting awareness and understanding across the organization.
  6. Metrics and Reporting: Establish metrics and measurement tools to track progress, evaluate the effectiveness of environment and culture engagement programs, and provide regular reports to management.
  7. Policy Development: Develop and update policies and guidelines related to environment and culture engagement, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.
  8. Employee Feedback and Surveys: Implement mechanisms for gathering employee feedback and conducting surveys to assess employee satisfaction, engagement, and the effectiveness of environment and culture programs.
  9. Leadership and Team Management: Lead a team of professionals, providing guidance, support, and mentorship to ensure the successful execution of environment and culture engagement initiatives.
  10. Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging research in the field of environment, culture, and employee engagement, and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.

Requirements: -

  1. Relevant experience at least 5 years in environment, culture, or employee engagement roles.
  2. Strong strategic thinking skills aligned with organizational goals.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.
  4. Proven track record of collaboration and leadership in initiatives.
  5. Familiarity with environmental sustainability practices.
  6. Proficiency in data analysis and reporting.
  7. Experience in managing organizational change.
  8. Strong interpersonal and relationship-building abilities.
  9. Experience in developing leadership skills.
  10. Experience in planning events and global observances.
Last Updated: 11-06-2024 10:36:42 AM
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