Lead Data Engineer

7-10 years
Job Description

Job description
Job Responsibilities:

  • Understand large data sets and their application to business
  • Provide guidance and tool selection for our ETL and reverse ETL platforms
  • Design, construct and maintain fault-tolerant, highly distributed, and robust ETL platforms for a variety of business use cases
  • Define and implement company-wide best practices for no-code data exploration
  • Work on structured and semi-structured data to put company data to business use
  • Analyze and create tooling enabling non-engineers to analyze massive sets of structured and semi-structured data for business analytics
  • Work with both technical and non-technical members of the team to provide data advice
  • Integrate additional data sources as needed by the firm while adhering to standard practices
  • Completely control and manage the data lake, as well as all of the data and structure included inside it

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 7+ years of relevant experience as a software engineer
  • 7+ years experience in handling data pipelines, data warehouses, and data lakes
  • Experience being the data expert at a company and explaining the business significance throughout the schema
  • Ability to ingest large amounts of SQL and NoSQL data
  • Ensure that the data is beautifully structured and formatted in the data warehouse in such a way that is consistent and easy to utilize and leverage and understand
  • Experience as a team-lead, setting the strategy, and mentoring others
  • Experience taking large and complex projects and creating clear prioritization and estimations around each task
  • Prior experience working cross-functionally to answer questions and advise



Job Source: www.turing.com

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