MTBE Process Controller 2

4-10 years
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Job Description

About this role:


Operation Control:

  • Through DCS panel, monitor critical process parameters and equipment behavior. Make necessary changes to keep the process within control limits. Always maintain process stability by close surveillance of operating conditions, reporting all abnormal conditions to Shift Engineer and taking quick and decisive actions in emergencies (e.g., equipment failures or process deviations) following the requirement of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and work instructions at all times.
  • Shift take over - review with outgoing shift process controller the activities of the previous shift such as, tripping, shut-downs, start-ups, deviations from normal operating standards, etc. to ensure that problems are handled till normalization. Review logbook from previous shift to determine condition/status of each unit.
  • Vary plant load as per instruction from Shift Engineer.
  • Perform emergency operations as per SOP during sudden outage of sub-systems so as to have minimum disruption in MTBE production.
  • Coordinate with Process Technicians and Shift Engineer to resolve parameters deviations from normal standards.

Trouble Shooting & Special Operations:

  • Contribute for process control trouble shooting and lead the special operational activities (e.g., start up and shutdown, isolations, catalyst/adsorbent loading, unloading of spent catalyst/adsorbent, waste disposal, etc.) by controlling activities with specified work area.


  • Guide and coach junior Process Technicians and Qatari trainees in operation of MTBE complex by providing on the job guidance in all aspects of each area of operation.
  • Train experienced Process Technicians on DCS operation.


  • Effectively communicate with process technicians to make necessary field changes required to keep process parameters within control limits.
  • Effectively communicate with Shift Engineer / Process Controller-I to provide him with information on plant operation for decision making.
  • Communicate with laboratory analyst for sample test results and instruct Process Technicians to implement changes required for best results.

Policies & Procedures:

  • Follow all relevant operational procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • Review / revise SOPs, prepare procedures for specific jobs.

Safety, Quality & Environment:

  • Follow all relevant safety, quality and environmental control procedures and instructions so that personal safety/the safety of others is not jeopardized, and the required level of product/service quality and environmental impact can be guaranteed.
  • Guide Process Technicians in safe work practices



  • Need based communication with laboratory analyst for sample test results.
  • Need based communication with maintenance technicians for maintenance job updates.
  • External: None.


  • Make decisions on his own if situation is within parameters of the shift accountability.
  • Refer recommendations to supervisor for approval and implementation.

    What you need to bring:
    • Graduation from technical school. Graduation in science from university if desirable.
    • Formal training in DCS operation and work permit system is desirable.
    • Ten (10) years relevant plant operational experience (DCS control system) in a large MTBE or related petrochemical plant.
    • Minimum of four (4) years experience as independent Panel Operation of relevant petrochemical.
    • GCC experience is preferred.
    • Plants preferably MTBE plant including Oleflex, Butamer and Ethermax.
    • Thorough understanding of all relevant operational processes involved in various units of MTBE production process.
    • MTBE Plant experience with robust petrochemical refinery background
    • Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, and work permit practices.
    • Thorough understanding of relevant operational control limits and tolerances related to world size MTBE plant.
    • English Language (spoken and written)
    • Awareness of Health & Safety Systems
    • Knowledge of Policy & Procedure
    • Knowledge on Quality and on Environmental Management Systems
    • Time Management
    • Data Gathering & Analysis
    • PC




    DCS control system
    MTBE plant
    work permit practices
    Data Gathering & Analysis
    Health & Safety Systems
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