Job Description

We are currently looking for a Plastic Surgeon Consultant who will work for a well-known hospital based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In this role, you will have the following responsibilities:

§ Perform invasive surgeries to correct physical deformities in patients

§ Administer non-surgical treatment to enhance outward beauty

§ Synthesize skin grafts from integra or obtain them from recipient/donor

§ Carry out pediatric plastic surgery to treat congenital defects such as cleft palate and polydactyly in children

§ Perform microsurgery to transfer tissues to reconstruction sites (head/hand) where they are missing

§ Examine and diagnose patients to identify an abnormality and determine suitable course of treatment

§ Ensure compliance with establishing surgical techniques during plastic surgery

§ Direct and coordinate the activities of nurses, assistants and residents

§ Examine operating room and medical instruments to ensure they are clean and sterile

§ Confer with other plastic surgeons and medical professionals to exchange ideas

§ Use photographs and verbal descriptions to identify patients visual expectations and set a reference point

§ Inject patients with botox to reduce muscle activity and temporarily lessen appearance of facial wrinkles

§ Educate patients on the risks associated with a procedure as well as proffer recommendations on post-operative requirements

§ Follow up on patients after surgery to track their healing process and personal adjustment to treatment

§ Install prosthetic devices on patients to allow for restoration of appearance.


To be considered for this role, you need to meet the following criteria:

§ Undergraduate degree in a relevant science discipline, then a 4-year doctorate degree in medicine or osteopathy; completed a 5-year residency program, then a 2-year fellowship program for a specialty in plastic surgery. State licensure is also required for practice

§ Have completed a speciality Certificate with 3+ years experience from:
- UK/Ireland (CCT/CSCST)
- America/Canada (ABMS/RCPSC/CFPC)
- Australia (FRACP)
- France (DES, DESC)
- Certificate of Specialisation from Europe i.e. Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, with 5 years experience post Specialization
Essential Experience
- European or Western passport required for visa purposes
- Training and/or work experience in a Western setting (for example: Western European countries such as UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France etc)
- Arabic speaking (not essential for most positions)

§ Physical Dexterity: Plastic surgeons are able to operate a range of equipment and tools to perform cosmetic surgery

§ Attention to detail: They are given to details and are able to carry out delicate processes to give patients their desired appearance

§ Problem-solving Skill: They perform surgical and non-surgical procedures to meet the physical requirements of patients.

§ Successful completion of their home Medical Licensing Examination / able to get a medical license to work in KSA

§ Valid and active medical license in the state where you are currently practicing your profession.

§ Exceptional attention to detail.

§ Outstanding hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

§ Wonderful bedside manner.

§ Excellent communicator who can empathize with patients.

§ Flexible working hours.

§ Willing to be based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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