Refrigeration Engineering Manager

Job Description

Job Description :
The Manager Refrigeration Engineering is responsible for all the designs and efficient control and smooth functioning of Refrigeration Engineering department and refrigeration inventory management of the CGS Group.

Nature of Job:

  1. The Refrigeration Engineering Department is responsible for the technical design and functioning of all the projects of the CGS Group. From the first proposal and layout until final commissioning.
1.1 The job requires frequent travelling within the country and Gulf region, customer and site visits. The sale is supported technically by the Refrigeration Engineering.
1.2 Periodical meetings with the CGS sales, installation technicians and customers are required.

Details of Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. The department is administrated under the Branch in Riyadh. The Engineering Manager is reporting to the GM of CGS Riyadh and he is reporting to the Branches for their projects.
  2. He is responsible to motivate the team and to support them for best performance and productivity. He is assigning the projects to the individual engineers and to keep control on the progress of the project, quotations etc. He has to schedule, monitor and record the engineering hours for each project and Branch.
  3. He is planning the submittals according to priorities and generally first infirst out principles.
  4. He is responsible for the technical correctness and functioning of the design and has to sign off and release all the technical documents for his department. He has to grant the quality of the engineering work according to the approved scientific state of the art and complying with the relevant standards and customer requests.
  5. He has to manage and handle any kind of conflicts within the team and he is responsible for first level arbitration within his department. If any problem cannot be resolved within the department he may forward the issue to the GM.
  6. He is planning all the vacation of his team and responsible for the inter department coordination of work.

Project Coordination:
  1. Analysing the project specification and requirements.
  2. Heat Load calculations, flow diagrams.
  3. On site investigations, measurements and planning the location of equipments.
  4. Dimensioning, and selection of equipment for any refrigeration component according to the actual state of the art technique and /or best scientific knowledge.
  5. Ability to design, engineering of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration systems with Ammonia and Freon Refrigerants up to large plants like turnkey projects.
  • He will be responsible to work out and process enquiries for any of Refrigeration Systems.
  • The quotations generally consist of:
  • Layout sketch
  • Material list / equipment.
  • Total cost of material / Total estimation of installation hours.
  • The order generally consists of:
  • Detailed layout diagram
  • Detailed P&I Diagram explaining the entire function of the refrigeration plant.
  • Detailed material list / equipment including the type and brand names, technical specifications etc.
  • Entire electrical diagrams, schemas, material list and wiring lists etc., explaining the entire electrical main Power supply and controls networks.
  • For larger projects a more itemized documentation might be required for:
  • More detailed material /equipment list with type of material, brand name of equipment.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Itemized cost of material.
  • Itemized list of estimated hrs for:
  • Installation of equipment on site.
  • Normal labours / Installers / workers.
  • Qualified welders and piping work
  • Electricians work
  • Supervisors work

Material Procurement / Inventory Management:
  1. He is bound to maintain reasonable standard stock of materials to grant an acceptable delivery time.
  2. He will be responsible to negotiate with all the suppliers for the best price, conditions and shortest delivery. He will be responsible for all the materials orders and control of deliveries.
  3. He will be responsible to updated records of inventory, records of receipts of goods and issue of materials including the interbranch transfers.

  1. He is bound to report to the management and will be responsible for the monthly and annual department report to the Management and to report for any irregularities.
  2. He will be responsible to report the progress of the projects to the General Manager/Branch
  3. Managers / sales through MS project planning.
  4. He is a member of the management meetings and he is obliged to participate in the meeting. He represents his department and he may submit any suggestions/ proposals to the Management. The meeting is a regular platform on information about the company and to share information among the Department.
Quality Control:
He is responsible to maintain the Quality process according to the QC process within the department and is obliged for continuous improvements at any time.

Principles & Code of Ethics:
He is responsible to follow the law and regulation as well as the Code of ethics in Saudi Arabia and also to make sure the regulations are implemented in the department.
Some further explanations to the Job Description:
The CGS Group is maintaining a specialized Refrigeration Engineering Department which is servicing for the whole Group means for our branches in Jeddah, Dammam, Bahrain and Kuwait. The most activities for projects are in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The Department is financed according to an activity / numbers of engineering hours key from the various branches. Each branch has a Service and Installation Department to offer Maintenance, Service as well as to install the new projects on site, our CGS Sandwich Panels, Refrigeration Systems and all Electrical work. The Refrigeration Engineering Department is responsible for the technical functioning and implementation of the installation on site according to the drawings, diagrams etc. and is supporting and / or advising / counseling the Installation Managers / Supervisors of all the branches on the site.

The project engineers are normally handling the assigned projects and are supposed to coordinate / cooperate and communicate with the Installation Managers to make sure the installation is done correctly. The Installation Managers are normally working independently and should only come back for consultation if in doubt otherwise the drawings / diagrams are the guidelines for the execution.

Therefore, the supervision of the projects is in the hand of the branches and the Head of the Installation.
There are frequent trips to the sites in Riyadh normally reachable within a day trip and to the branches but to a maximum of every fortnight out of Riyadh depending on the subject and urgency of the projects. We are generally following some European Standards as the equipment is mostly from Europe. We also know about the ASHRAE B52 code and have some codes available in our office. The Engineering Refrigeration Manager is a part of the team and has also some projects on hand to work on equal to the project engineers.
The Engineering team has some dedicated specialist for purchasing all Refrigeration material and he is also responsible with his team in the store for the stock material and for the inventory. Consequently the Head of Department has some well-trained people doing the job and responsible for the stock material in the store but finally the Manager has to monitor and supervise (advise / counseling and give directives) his subordinated team and has to know what's going on in his department. However, there might be changes in the JD and Organization chart at any times according to the need and requirements of the market and / or structure of the company which will be discussed prior of any implementation.





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