SAP EAM Consultant

8-18 years
17 Applied
Job Description

EAM / MRS / ASPM – Job Description (can be multiple resources):

Business process Scope SAP Modules

PM Org hierarchy and Master data • SAP EAM master data objects.

• Custom fields will be added as attributes or characteristics of the master data class.

• The Equipment criticality generated from ASPM will be loaded manually or through upload programs in S4. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Asset Strategy and Performance Management • SAP IAM – ASPM component will be used to define for critically assessment. Integration with S/4 HANA system will be using SAP IAM – AC component.

• ASPM module will be configured with Risk Matrix for RCM & FEMA analysis. There will be 1 RCM template & 1 FEMA template scope per equipment model.

• To establish the roadmap critically assessment will be limited to 2 Equipment categories & success criteria will be define. SAP IAM - ASPM

Non-Routine Maintenance • Standard SAP PM process will be configured to meet the maintenance process. For detailed scheduling, SAP MRS will be used (described in the scheduling process).

• Funds Management can be activated for controlling the expense which can be included/excluded for each process (integration point with Finance).

• Required tools can be described in the notification description. On the orders, these can be non-numbered user status. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Management of Change (MOC) • SAP MOC will be configured for 2 change request and the different approval levels will be discussed during design phase. Management of Change – SAP MOC

Shutdown maintenance • SAP Revisions will be used for shutdown maintenance.

• Funds management can be activated with an option to include/Exclude specific expense like Material labor Etc.,

• Shutdown orders can be created well in advance for material procurement.

• A subset of the budget can be released ahead of the final approval of the entire budget (integration point with Finance).

• As EPC is not in scope, work orders will be download from SAP and uploaded in Primavera. On the other hand, confirmations will be downloaded from Primavera and uploaded back to SAP via an upload program. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Work clearance management • SAP WCM can be activated with enhancement model

• The work permits will be configured in SAP as work clearance applications. The certificates will be configured as additional applications or WCDs. The lockout and tag out will be configured as operational WCDs. Work Clearance management- SAP WCM

Work Order Scheduling • Standard SAP MRS to be configured.

• Employee Time in/out needs to be integrated for exact availability of Technician or with standard Work Center Capacity.

• Employee qualification /Absence can be transferred and can be visualized in MRS planning board. Multi Resource Scheduling – CA-MRS

Refurbishment Management • SAP standard Refurbished process will be configured with different valuation types.

• Refurbished materials are to be serialized to individually identify those that are damaged, refurbished and new.

• Subcontracting request can be triggered from the work order in case refurbishment is to be executed externally. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Calibration process • SAP calibration process will be configured with QM integration along with result recording and usage decision.

• Calibration reports can be discussed during Design Phase. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Fleet Management • SAP PM- Fleet management will be configured for capturing the consumption of FUEL and DISTANCE.

• Interface will be developed to capture the measurement document from external system. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM

Routine maintenance • SAP Preventive maintenance will be configured for Time based and Strategy based maintenance.

• Work order can be triggered in advance for material lead time and planning of resources.

• ASPM integration will be discussed during explore phase for optimization. Plant Maintenance – SAP PM





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