Software Engineer

5-8 years
1 Applied
Job Description

A U.S.-based, well-established, and globally recognized performance improvement and business management company, is looking for a Software Engineer. The selected engineer will design appropriate middleware for the environment which will be based on the organization's architectural needs. The company helps global leaders, businesses, and non-profits, across industries and around the world, by identifying problems, providing achievable solutions, and creating value within work systems. This is a great opportunity for developers who're excited about working with industry leaders.
Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop system architectures
  • Identify key middleware capabilities and performance requirements
  • Analyze layered and multidimensional middleware models to establish corresponding technical specifications and standards
  • Optimize existing software, help it adapt to new hardware, and improve its overall performance
  • Integrate multiple platforms, applications, and operating systems across the enterprise to meet business needs
  • Collaborate with software developers on dynamic application features such as authentication, authorization, auditing, configuration management, or debugging middleware applications
  • Establish and implement a unified standard for streamlining engineering efforts
  • Keep on top of new technological trends and take initiative to implement new technologies/update existing middleware
  • Ensure optimal performance by troubleshooting bottlenecks

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 5+ years of relevant experience as a Software Engineer
  • Expertise with System Design (at least 5+ years)
  • Excellent English communication skills



Job Source:

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