Draftsman Jobs

Mechanical Engineer

Company Name Confidential
5-7 years

24 days ago

13-16 years
96000 - 143988 AED

6 months ago

5-7 years
48000 - 71988 AED

6 months ago

5-10 years
6000 - 8000 AED

4 months ago

10-13 years
144000 - 239988 AED

6 months ago

0-5 years

3 months ago

3-5 years
72000 - 95988 AED

5 months ago

24000 - 47988 AED

6 months ago

24000 - 47988 AED

6 months ago

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Draftsman Opening And Vacancy

There are many draftsman jobs in various industries such as mechanical, architectural, civil, electrical, aeronautics, automobile, nuclear and aerospace. A draftsman is a professional who coordinates with different professionals such as scientists or engineers and creates a blueprint of a product or a process. These designs are then used for manufacturing and production of the same. Some of the leading employers of draftsmen are steel plants, power stations, mechanical companies, civil construction companies, industrial plants, defence, automobile companies and manufacturing industries.

Minimum educational qualification for a draftsman is higher secondary. An associate degree in technical drawing can land one a draftsman's job. Though manual drawing is mandatory, employers prefer professionals who have knowledge and hands-on experience with computer aided design softwares. For better job prospects as a draftsman, aspiring candidates should have good mathematical and analytical skills.