Job Vacancies in Madurai

Madurai is one of the cities in the country with a high literacy rate. The city’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is another reason many companies have settled here, and more companies wish to set up their branch here. Moreover, in the past few years, the city has flourished as a preferred destination for many IT companies. So, it has the perfect blend of a talent base and career opportunities. 

So, are you looking for a job in Madurai? With the right search approach, you can easily get a job in this South Indian city. However, you must be having some questions regarding your job search. Here are the most commonly asked questions along with the answers: 

What kind of jobs are available in Madurai? 

You can find almost all jobs in Madurai according to your skillset. Whether you are a programmer, writer, manager, accountant, engineer, or even a travel guide, there are sufficient job opportunities due to the growth and development of various industries, including Information Technology. 

If you are a school teacher or a piano tutor, the city has decent opportunities due to the many arts and science colleges. How can one forget the famous Kamraj University? Apart from the company jobs, you can easily find consultant jobs in the desired fields. You can even find a couple of positions for nurses and pharmacists. 

What are some of the top IT companies in Madurai? 

Some of the top IT companies in Madurai are Solartis, HCL, Honeywell, Sri Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI),Techmango Technology Service Pvt Ltd.,Cogzidel, Mindlogics, Apptivo, Neeyamo, Dot Com Infoway, Asort Technologies, Great Innovus Solutions, and Techno Genesis. Well, these are just a few to name. 

The list is quite big, as the IT sector of Madurai has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. After Bangalore and Chennai, Madurai is the most sought IT hub in South India. 

Which are the best software companies for freshers in Madurai? 

Companies such as Honeywell, Meganar Technologies, Apptivo, Hitasoft, ZealSoft, Neeyamo, and Great Innovus provide good salary packages to freshers searching for an IT job vacancy in Madurai. However, if growth is on priority, established startup companies such as Cogzidel, Chella Software, Hitasoft, Great Innovus, Apptivo, Dot Com Infoway, and Farshore are worth considering. 

To determine the best software companies, you can look for Madurai IT companies on Google and check out the ratings and reviews. 

How to get a healthcare job in Madurai? 

There are healthcare jobs in Madurai, especially for the nurses, pharmacists, medical officers, and medical technicians. The best way to look for a skilled or unskilled job in the healthcare field is to stay in contact with the existing and new hospitals in the city. If this seems impossible, you can search for them on job portals or directly apply on the official website of the concerned hospital or lab. 

Some famous hospitals to consider while looking for a healthcare job vacancy in Madurai are Apollo, Grace Kennett Foundation, Vadamalayan, and CloudNine. 

Where to apply for an internship program in Madurai? 

Four popular companies offering internship programs in Madurai are Meganar Technologies, Webtoall, GAIPP, and Recluse Software. A wise way to look for and apply to an internship program in the city is to search on an online internship or a job portal. 

How to search for the best jobs in Madurai? 

Using an online job portal like foundit is undoubtedly the best way to look for a job vacancy in Madurai. All you have to do is register yourself and search for the vacancies in your job field as per the specified search parameters such as qualification, role, salary, job type such as permanent or Work-From-Home (WFH), and experience. 

Finally, you shortlist a few job listings as per your skillset and apply. Alternately, you can even consider a job consultancy in Madurai

Regardless of the medium chosen, it is essential to have a comprehensive CV ready, revealing your qualifications and experience, if any. Although some roles or positions would require additional certificates or degrees, it is wise to state minimum qualifications such as the highest education and the relevant certificates. 

What is the average salary earned in Madurai? 

An average salary of an employee in the city is around 28,000 INR per month. A software developer earns 2,15,000 INR on an average, while a mechanical engineer grabs 3,65,000 INR. An area sales manager makes 5,50,000 INR on average. 

The most popular occupations are mechanical engineer, civil engineer, and area sales manager, which manage to grab anywhere between 1,18,000 and 9,20,000 INR per year. 

What are the highest paying jobs in Madurai? 

Some of the highest paying jobs in Madurai are for doctors or surgeons, bank managers, CEOs and CFOs, college professionals, pilots, marketing directors, and those related to IT. 

What are the most common skills required in Madurai? 

Project management, business development, and MS Office skills are the most common skills in the city, according to However, a suitable candidate is required to have both technical and non-technical skills. Along with the qualifications showcasing your technical or domain-related skills, you are expected to possess soft skills such as communication, leadership, time management, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills. 

What additional benefits do companies in Madurai offer? 

The additional benefits and perks tend to differ from one company to another. It may also vary from one role to another. Most companies in the city offer job training, free transport, health insurance, free food, soft skill training, team outings, education assistance, sick and casual leaves, gymnasium membership, child care, and shift allowances. 

In the current situation of COVID-19, many of them are also offering work-from-home opportunities. In a government job, you can expect more benefits such as suitable accommodation, free medical services, free ration, and a car with a chauffeur. Even these benefits are likely to vary from one government job to another.