Optometrist Opening And Vacancy

Be it laptops, mobile phones, smart TVs or video games, the ever developing technology is making people stick to their screens continuously. This trend is decreasing human eye efficiency and creating many eye related problems which in turn has increased optometrist jobs to a great extent. Basically an optometrist is an eye-care professional who examines the eyes, detects and treats if any eye disease. He also works closely with ophthalmologists and opticians to deliver quality and efficient eye care.

Though a bachelor degree is essential for a qualified optometrist, there are diploma courses too which can be pursued after intermediate education. Some of the common job prospects for an optometrist are stand-alone offices or personal business centres, hospitals and research labs. Alternative professions for an optometrist could be teaching, training or consultancy. SMEs in eye care are required by the medical colleges specializing in eye care and the industries manufacturing eye care goods.