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Pharma Job Vacancies

Looking for the top pharma jobs around you? A career in this industry can prove to be extremely rewarding as you can be a part of providing access to better healthcare to those in need. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional looking for pharma jobs, the process of searching for one that suits you can be long and tiresome. In this article, we have curated a list of the top companies for pharma jobs, along with various tips to help improve your job search and interview experiences for pharmacist jobs in the country.

Which are the top companies for pharma jobs?

Here is a list of the best companies for pharma jobs in India, with a little insight on each of them. You may find out more about each of them on, so you can understand which one aligns best to your skills and interests.

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited: Considered the largest name in the pharmaceutical industry, Sun Pharmaceutical is a leading producer and seller of high-quality medicines across the world. Research and development, manufacturing and quality are the main focus areas for the company.
  • Cipla Limited: Built on the idea of ensuring maximum care and quality for their customers’ lives, Cipla is another big name in the pharmaceutical domain. They believe in the idea of ‘making medicines to make a difference’.
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories: Based on a patient-centric ideology, Dr. Reddy’s focus lies in creating differentiated products to allow for ease of access and affordability in the market. This is the philosophy their R & D centre works on.
  • Lupin Limited: A key player in the specialisation of gynaecology, cardiovascular, diabetology, asthma, paediatric, central nervous system, gastro intestinal, anti-infective and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Lupin has a leading pharmaceutical market across segments.
  • Piramal Enterprises Limited: With a wide range of health-related focus areas such as healthcare, life sciences, drug discovery and healthcare information management, Piramal Enterprises is an obvious name among the top 10 pharmaceuticals companies in India.
  • Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals: Specialising in therapeutic segments of neurosciences, cardiovascular, anti-retroviral, anti-diabetics, gastroenterology and antibiotics, Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals has a leading presence in the global industry. It has research facilities across different countries for a wide range of products.
  • Biocon Limited: Biocon is a trusted name among doctors, patients, care givers and healthcare systems across the globe. Its continuous innovation through biotechnology is aimed at making healthcare more affordable even to the marginalised communities.
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals: A leader in the therapeutic segments of cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastro-intestinal, women’s healthcare, diabetology, pain management, gynaecology, oncology and anti-infective segments. It has competitive research and development centres, manufacturing facilities and a wide network in over 40 countries.
  • Abbott India: The core idea behind Abbott is that when people are at their healthiest, they can live life to its fullest potential. Through a range of science-based nutritional products, diagnostic tools, branded generic pharmaceuticals, diabetes and vascular devices, it is committed to improving lives.
  • Glenmark Pharma Limited: Started as a generic drug and active pharmaceutical manufacturer, Glenmark Pharma is today one of the biggest names in the sector, and has a large presence in therapy categories such as dermatology, respiratory, cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, oncology, gynaecology, anti-infective and gastroenterology.

What are various skills required for pharma jobs?

Some of the basic skills required for pharma jobs include:

  • Accuracy
  • Adaptability
  • Dependability
  • Detail orientation
  • People skills
  • Multitasking
  • Mathematical proficiency
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

What qualification is required for pharma jobs?

In terms of the educational requirements, for most pharma jobs, you must have a B.Sc., D. Pharma, B. Pharma or M. Pharma degree.

How to search for a pharma job?

Now that you have a fairly good idea about the best opportunities for pharma jobs, you can start preparing for the application and interview processes.

Start by doing a thorough research. Even though we have covered some of the basic information to get you started with your search for pharma jobs, you could make a list of the most prospective names as per your requirements. This means reading up on the company’s vision, its approach to employees, its work culture and similar other aspects related to the overall success of employment.

Next, start working on your resume. Even if you are just starting out as a fresher, you could still create a good resume. Refer to your coursework and projects from school or college that reflect your skills as a fast learner. Showcase your knowledge about the pharma industry through a cover letter where you can share more insights that your resume can’t. If you are an efficient communicator, don’t forget to mention that on your resume as it is valued in almost every job profile. Another tip to boost your chances is including keywords from the job description in your resume so as to maximise your chances of getting through the screening process.

Connect with as many people as you can. Be it on social media, professional networking sites or even putting a word to your close friends and acquaintances, you never know when the right opportunity is around the corner. Additionally, get yourself registered with job portals and get regular updates on the latest available pharma jobs around you.

Irrespective of which stage in your career you are, the interview round needs a great deal of preparation. Start with your body language – right from how you greet the interviewer, how you shake hands to how you bid farewell and exit the room. The interviewer notices even the smallest details of how you communicate. So, if you have trouble opening up to people, it is a good idea to practice some typical interview questions beforehand, including those related to the profile. And, last but not the least, be well-dressed and well-groomed for the interview, and be there on time.

With these important details to help you out, you can make the most of your job search process. A step in the right direction for your job search is a step closer to achieving your professional goals. Go ahead and find the pharma jobs that are meant for you.