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Reporter Opening And Vacancy

Waiting to carve a niche for yourself as a reporter? Then get ready to take on a gamut of tasks like collecting, authenticating and investigating exhaustive newsworthy information. Apart from that, a reporter's job also entails assembling all the findings into a story that is not coloured or sensationalized. Writing and delivering news stories with the reader's perspective in mind is also the task of a reporter. The KRA of a reporter also includes publishing or broadcasting news stories. Along with that, s/he should be ready and willing to receive assignments or scrutinise and look into news leads/tips. Taking care of journalism's ethics and codes is another important aspect that the reporter can't miss or overlook. S/he will be called upon to contact, interview as well as research sources. Apart from that, the reporter will have to maintain notes as well as audio recordings. The reporter will also be expected to cooperate with reporters, chief editor, show producers and others too. The candidate will also be required to stay up-to-date with the latest news and current events. With a BS degree in journalism or mass communications, enthusiasm and the willingness to carve out the truth, the reporter will do really well if s/he can manage to meet deadlines too. Interpreting large amounts of information should also be the candidate's strong skill.