Sap Consultant Jobs

IT Manager

Company Name Confidential
10-20 years
10000 - 13000 AED

a month ago

10-19 years
10000 - 20000 AED

2 months ago

6-9 years

17 months ago

8-11 years

17 months ago

6-9 years

26 months ago

10-13 years

22 months ago

Sap Consultant Opening And Vacancy

SAP Consultants Jobs are available aplenty in the market. And candidates who have it in them to make the most of the SAP software can do much more than earn big bucks. Different domains demand different sets of expertise from an aspirant. So, if an aspirant is looking towards working in life sciences, he/she as SAP consultant may be expected to have knowledge of timelines and tenures in which projects or assignments can be completed. S/he may need to know how to negotiate terms and conditions as well as get together the resources required to come up with the desired outcomes. SAP Consultants may also need to know about staffing, the risks involved as well as the assessment and allocation of various resources. In case of a project team, the SAP consultant will be called upon to put forth his leadership skills, define and establish roles, assign duties and take care of myriad activities in a coordinated fashion. Looking after and examining budgets that take into account the actual expenditure as compared to the planned budgets also fall under the purview of SAP consultants. With extensive technical knowledge and the capability to explain technical information to non-technical people, SAP consultants should have excellent communications as well as negotiating skills.