Structural Engineer Jobs

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Structural Engineer Opening And Vacancy

Structural Engineer Jobs are an essential part of the design and construction team because there is a need for a structural design in every construction work. Structural Engineer Jobs include designing, repairing, construction and conservation of framework and foundations for all types of buildings and structures. No construction work can be carried out without this branch of engineering. For designing buildings, houses, hospitals, roads, space satellites, ships, aircrafts, machines, equipment, vehicles, dams, bridges, tunnels, oil rigs etc., there is the need for a proper structure, which is designed by the Structural Engineers. They also design specific architectural components like foundations, columns, beams, and floors which are an essential part of any structure so that the structure can maintain stability and withstand pressure caused by natural calamities, weather and human use. Structural Engineers are also involved in monitoring the progression of a construction project right from its starting stages to its completion. Structural Engineering Jobs are part of Civil Engineering Discipline and Structural Engineers work with close association with civil engineers, architects, building contractors, individual clients, and other engineers and construction professionals. To apply for Structural Engineer Jobs, a candidate should be a BE /B. Tech in Civil, Mechanical or Architectural engineering. For better job prospects, a Masters degree in similar fields is recommended. Besides this, Structural Engineers need to possess other skills like as analytical skills, strong interpersonal skills, good communication skills, creativity skills, proficiency with CAD software application, knowledge of codes and regulations specific with the industry and should be up-to-date with the latest technical skills. There are ample Structural Engineer Jobs in construction companies, oil companies, public utility companies, railways, architect firms, engineering consultancies,