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Talent Acquisition Opening And Vacancy

The role of an aspirant scouting for a Talent Acquisition Job is to look for, attract, recruit, interview and finally on-board employees to an organization. A Talent Acquisition Job is part of corporate recruiting and is typically a function within the Human Resources department. Talent Acquisition jobs now include employment marketing initiatives, internal referral programs, branding campaigns, and development of employee engagement metrics as well as retention programs. A candidate opting for talent acquisition has to take care of a broad set of responsibilities that cater to more internal policy and external communications than individual corporate recruitment tasks. The talent acquisition applicant will be required to come up with strategy and also take care of the recruitment process. And the task doesn't end here, s/he will be expected to do the actual implementation of the sourcing or recruiting campaign. The applicant will need to work with internal teams as well as hiring managers to support recruitment tasks. S/he will also have to be involved with assisting with both external and internal hiring efforts and at the same time help with coming up with recruitment strategies. This may entail job posting optimization, job board procurement, employing various marketing channels, digital and non-digital employment marketing, comprehensive recruitment campaign planning, talent planning and more. From categorizing and ascertaining future talent needs and proactively recruiting and sourcing; developing talent pool or social engagements, to managing the recruitment process and life-cycle, it all comes under the purview of a talent acquisition aspirant.