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Work From Home Job Vacancies

The Gulf region is among the most preferred destinations in the world when it comes to building a career. This is one of the reasons that a major part of the region’s population comprises of expats. The Gulf region offers attractive employment opportunities for skilled and qualified candidates and this includes work from home jobs as well. 

If you are interested in exploring job opportunities that allow you to work from home, here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about work from home jobs. 

 What types of jobs are available for remote working in the Gulf? 

The Gulf job market is varied and offers career opportunities in different sectors and industries. Among the popular employers of the region are companies dealing in IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, real estate, and hospitality and tourism. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting normal work patterns everywhere, many companies are hiring candidates for remote work. 

At present, some of the openings for remote jobs in the Gulf include software developer jobs, accountant jobs, pre-sales executive jobs, account manager jobs, digital media consultant jobs, medical consultant jobs, etc. 

 What skill are required for work from home jobs? 

Several industries demand specific skill sets from job aspirants, regardless of whether you plan to work from home or onsite. So, it is better to pursue remote jobs in the areas where you have specialization. 

For instance, if you are a post-graduate in any stream, you can try for remote teaching jobs

 What’s the salary that one can expect when working from home? 

Your salary can vary as it will depend on your experience, qualifications, and negotiation abilities. While there is no standard rate for work from home jobs in the Gulf, salaries are often at par or higher than those paid in the western countries but it again it all depends on various factors. 

One huge advantage of working from home in the Gulf is that the region doesn’t have an income tax system. So, you won’t have to pay any percentage of your salary as income tax. 

 Is It necessary to have a work permit for remote working in the Gulf? 

As an expatriate, you will need to avail of a residence visa first to reside in the country. Then you have to get a labour permit or work permit to start working from home in the Gulf. This permit is provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). 

 Is there any age limit when it comes to working from home? 

The Gulf region doesn’t specify any maximum age to terminate the services of an employee when it comes to working from home, however the retirement age was revised from 60 to 65 a few years back. So, as long as you get the opportunities for remote jobs, you can continue to work in the Gulf region. In certain cases, retirement age may be further increased depending on the nature of the work, his/her expertise and worker’s health.  

 How much can one earn working from home? 

As a skilled job aspirant, you don’t have to worry about getting work from home opportunities in the Gulf region. Depending on whether you decide to work full time, part-time, or as a freelancer, your income may vary. 

 Do remote workers need a Work Visa in the Gulf? 

Yes, as an expatriate, you will need a work visa to be able to work in the Gulf. This work visa remains valid for two months from the date on which it is issued. Within this time, your employer must complete all formalities related to medical testing and obtain your Emirates ID Card and Labor Card. 

Additionally, your employer will also have to get your work residency permit stamped on your passport. 

 What type of questions do Companies ask when selecting remote workers? 

Usually, employers will ask questions related to your specific skillset and academic qualifications. They are also likely to question you about your previous work history and experience of working remotely. 

Some of the common questions you may expect to face are as follows: 

  • Have you ever worked from home in any of your previous jobs? 
  • Why do you think you are the best candidate for the job? 
  • What are your best qualities as a worker? 
  • How well can you handle criticism regarding your work? 

 What is the best way to search for work from home jobs? 

There are multiple ways through which you can search for work from home jobs. An easy and reliable place to look for such work opportunities is on a popular job portal, such as founditgulf.com. On such a portal, you can look for jobs that match your specific skill sets. 

Another advantage is that you can get set up free job alerts, which can be a great help in your quest for finding the best work from home job.  

We have tried to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about working from home in the Gulf region. Based on this information, you can start looking for your dream remote job.