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7-step guide to posting your resume online

7-step guide to posting your resume online

Increasingly, recruiters and hiring managers are using the web to look for talent, which means job seekers must adapt their resume in a way that works for the web, and is perfect to upload to job sites as well. In a nutshell adaptability is the key.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when building that resume:

1. Keep it short and sweet
You may spend hours dressing up your resume, but research shows that recruiters spend just about six seconds per resume. No recruiters has the time to read through long paras, so replace with succinct bullet points that make the resume a quick and easy read.

2. Optimise for online posting
More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies expect jobseekers to send their resume by mail, which then goes into a database of resumes for future reference. So you need at least one version of your resume that can go directly into a keyword-searchable database. Make sure that along with a print version of your resume, you have text-based e-resume, a Portable Document Format (PDF) version and a Web-based (HTML) version.

3. Insert the right keywords
Strapped for time, recruiters often rely on evaluating resumes through a keyword-based search in their database. For e.g.: Searching for ‘Marketing’ will show them all resumes with the word ‘Marketing’ in them. Therefore having the right keywords on your resume is critical. It’s important that you know those keywords that go with your industry and use them effectively in your resume.

4. Choose the best online portals

Pick the best online job portals, choosing those that guarantee more visibility and better opportunities. Tailor your resume to each job portals specific instructions. This ensures better results. Some sites also allow you to post a covering letter, which can add value to your application.

5. Re-check the formatting

Rob Thomas, from a US-based career management firm, in an interview said the one mistake most people make when posting their resumes online is formatting it incorrectly. Don’t center the text — align it to the left margin. Carefully proofread the text, because some characters could have errors. Check and Re-check. Make it look professional.

6. Go over the fine print

Always review the privacy policy of job sites, and understand what will happen with your personal information. Your employer can also visit resume sites, so your job search may be out in the open before you have found that job. Be careful of the fine print.

7. Protect your privacy
Most sites and online job boards offer features that can help protect your privacy and confidentiality. Check to control who sees your resume and mask the identity of your current employer (so that s/he doesn’t know you’re looking). Don’t include your residential address on your resume.

Maintain a list of all the places where you have posted your resume online to keep track.

Need help crafting an online resume? Find it here. When you’re ready, upload your CV here and find the job of your dreams!

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