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5 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

5 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

Change and comfort are not synonymous. As though a change in routine wasn’t unsettling in itself, relocating for a job could be scary and often clouded with lots of questions. Things taken for granted in your earlier routine would suddenly need to be attended to, several engagements to be thought of, and even more arrangements to be adjusted to. 

However, moving to a new place could be an invaluable event. Despite the distress, if the pros and cons are weighed suitably, relocating to a new place for a job could be exciting and an enriching experience. If you do decide to take things forward and relocate, do not forget to ponder on these 5 key factors before you take the plunge. 

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1. Finances: Prepare yourself for the fact that moving cities or countries is expensive. Ensure that you meticulously plan your budget and weigh in on questions like:

  • Will your employer cover relocation expenses?
  • What is the average cost of living in the new place?
  • Are travel expenses for your family included?
  • Will the opportunity cost of the new job be suitably compensated on all fronts?

2. Family and Friends: A change often affects not just the person relocating, but also their social network. Carefully examine the impact a relocation would have on your partner’s work, children’s education, and other immediate family members and friends. Do not undermine the importance of a social support system to your general well-being, which needs a lot of attention. 

3. Work Culture and Company: Organisational culture is a powerful element that shapes employee contribution at work and is a crucial aspect to consider for relocation.

  • What is your career graph going to look like?
  • Is the scope for growth in tandem with your goals?

Contact prospective colleagues if possible or ask if you can talk to someone who can help you gain an insight into your role. 

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4. Lifestyle Changes: Evaluate your current lifestyle and list out attributes that add value to your routine. Research for neighbourhoods that you and your family can easily settle into. A few parameters to consider would include availability of good schools, medical facilities and commutation services. Reflect on changes that would make the most difference – climate, language, and culture; decide if they are an improvement or a compromise that you can afford. Remember, relocating to a new place is completely different from visiting it.

5. Preparing for the Transition: Transitional details such as negotiating for leave before the joining date, paying your utility bills at your current home, getting an appropriate bank account if you’re moving abroad, notifying important contacts about the change in your location and so on play a significant role in helping you settle seamlessly.

While good advice and tips brace you for the uncharted territory you are voyaging into, it definitely helps if you plan attentively, so that you can focus on enjoying, exploring and settling into your new environment. Go ahead, embark on that adventure! 


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