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5 Tips to Become a Successful Java Developer

Intrinsic to Android and many enterprise web applications, today Java programmers are in high demand in the IT industry. In fact, a solid foundation in the Java language is a must-have skill for any aspiring software engineer. With the Gulf region emerging as the mecca of opportunities for technology companies, there is an increasing demand of tech professionals in the region. From mobile apps development to custom web development, Ecommerce to enterprise Solutions with design led engineering practices, proficiency in the coding language is key to success, helping software developers differentiate themselves.

To most of you, becoming a Java developer could possibly be synonymous with the mastery of the programming language. However, it is a bit more than that. To succeed as a Java developer, you also need to continuously upgrade your knowledge and work on your soft skills. The needs of the industry keep on changing, leaving you unawares to the evolving IT landscape. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you maintain your edge as a Java developer:

  • Focus on building a strong foundation
    The first step in mastering any language is to learn the basics of that language. You can do that by attending classroom sessions organized by multiple institutions or by watching online tutorials or seeking mentorships within your organization. Alternatively, you can also gain crucial insights by participating developer communities, or interacting with your Java developer friends and colleagues. Understanding the basics is a must to develop strong fundamentals, which includes:
    Java 8
    Spring Framework
    Unit Testing
    APIs and Libraries
    JVM’s Internals
    Design Patterns
    DevOps Tools
    Learn your IDE better
  • Stay informed about the latest developments
    To excel in any field, it is important that you update your skills from time to time. This is true for a Java developer as well. By keeping abreast of the latest know-how and the latest technologies, you will stay relevant in your field. You can subscribe to forums or follow blogs that focus on Java programming. Another option is to be part of the Java-focussed social platforms such as StackOverflow, Dreamincode Forum, Java- Forums or Coderanch Forum. Additionally, reading books or participating in group discussions is also a good idea.
  • Gain adequate hands-on training
    Practicing what you learned in classrooms is the best way to bring finesse to your programming style. You need to practice, practice some more, and then practice again to become proficient in writing Java-based code. Once you become fairly confident of your coding skills, you can test yourself by participating in programming contests such as Codechef, Spotj, and Projecteuler.
  • Develop your soft skills
    In addition to developing technical skills, the increasing competition today requires a Java developer to be proficient in soft skills as well. Honing interpersonal skills such as communication, customer service and problem-solving will increase your marketability, especially when it comes to solutions and workarounds for complex coding assignments.
  • Train on live projects to enhance your skills
    One way to polish your technical and soft skills is to undertake projects as a freelancer. With strict deadlines, quality expectations, and well as customer interaction, such live projects will give you a sense of how a Java developer works. Thus, before entering the professional market, you should try your hand at freelancing and in the process make some money as well.


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