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6 Most Sought-after Jobs in Dubai

jobs in Dubai

It’s a dream for many to secure a well-paying job in Dubai – one of the most affluent places in the world.

You too can find countless opportunities here if you possess skills that are in great demand. Not only is Dubai a popular tourist destination, but also a desirable city to settle in.

Despite a COVID-19 driven fallout, plenty of jobs in Dubai are waiting for ideal candidates to fill in the vacant positions.

The following are going to be the six most sought-after jobs in Dubai in the times to come

  1. Tourism & Hospitality Professionals

    Besides being an attractive tourist spot, Dubai is a major stopover for international flights. As the hospitality industry is coming to terms with the pandemic, you can expect plenty of jobs in Dubai hotels soon.

    Apart from that, the city hosts various exhibitions, sporting events, and international meetings.

    You will observe a steep rise in demand for receptionists, chefs, bartenders, yoga instructors, and personal trainer jobs in Dubai as the economy reopens to the world.

  2. Software Engineers

    An ever-increasing number of tech start-ups have been flourishing in Dubai. This has naturally led to the proliferation of software engineer jobs in Dubai. The Dubai Internet City is even expected to become the Silicon Valley of the East Budding and experienced software developers and system programmers can obtain huge salaries in this city of gold.

    Some of the top companies operating in this space are Natweb Solutions, Zoondia, Verbat Technologies, Dev Technosys, and Experion Technologies.

  3. Logistics Jobs in Dubai

    This high-demand job has witnessed a significant boost during the COVID-19 lockdown. Businesses working in the logistics industry are hiring more people to meet the heightened demand for last-mile delivery and express delivery.

    The e-commerce sector is experiencing a boom, thanks to the stay-at-home lifestyle during the pandemic. As there are no signs of COVID-19 ending anytime soon, logistics jobs in Dubai will remain popular in the near future and beyond.

  4. Lawyers & Paralegals

    Companies face the risk of running into legal troubles, big or small. Many multinational conglomerates thus have a separate legal team to handle that aspect of their business.

    Lawyers and paralegal jobs in Dubai will continue to experience strong demand in the next year. Every country regularly makes amendments to its legislation. Therefore, it’s the legal team’s job to ensure that the business is up-to-date with those changes. Failing to do so can cause legal disputes and claims from clients or customers.

  5. Human Resource Managers

    Are you someone searching for jobs in Dubai for foreigners? Human resource manager jobs are anticipated to be in high demand in the years to come.

    HR professionals earn a lucrative salary in Dubai. You should, however, have the appropriate qualification for the position to secure the job in a reputed firm.

    Like lawyers and paralegals, HR professionals and recruiters are needed in every business, regardless of what they sell.

  6. Marketing Jobs

    Dubai is a big hub for start-ups, and several new companies sprout up across the UAE every year.

    Needless to say, these companies require marketing specialists to make their presence felt in the industry.

    Besides, in the age of social media, marketing can make a world of difference for any company – new or established.

    Whether it’s social media jobs or SEO specialists, marketing jobs in Dubai will be in high demand in the future.

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