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Beware of fraud calls in the name of Monster

With rising demand for jobs, several kinds of job rackets or employment scams are also beginning to surface in many forms. One such scam is being run by people who call job seekers in the name of Monster.com and then ask them for money in exchange for a job or scheduling an interview.

We want to help you spot the red flags should you ever be at the receiving end of such a suspicious call. Here are a couple of things you must remember.

Monster never asks you for money

If you receive any call from individuals claiming to be a part of the Monster team, and they ask you for money for job placements or arranging an interview or simply profile activation, that is most definitely a fake call. Monster is a job portal that’s completely free for candidates. Monster never charges candidates in either cash or kind. So, if anyone says they are calling on behalf of Monster and ask you for money or your bank or credit card details, do not entertain them at all.

Fake Job calls

What if a consultant asks you for money?

Keep in mind that most professional consultants who hire candidates on behalf of employers, get paid by the employer and do not charge candidates. Moreover, most such consultants who ask for money will make unreasonable claims like direct job offer without an interview, job offers abroad at outrageously high salaries and so on. Many times, the person at the other end of the line will speak in a foreign accent and share very few details about themselves. They will probably even send you an email with a link to pay and fake details about their organization and the opportunities. Here are some examples.

Steps you can take against such fraudulent people

Try to record conversations with such fake callers whenever possible. This will help you maintain a record of all the claims that these callers have made.

You can report such callers to Monster with all the details you have from contact number to email to conversations. This will help to identify the fraudsters and block them from the Monster platform. To give your feedback to Monster, you can use this link or call on the toll-free number, 1-800-4196666. If you have any further questions, you can also visit the Monster security centre.

At the end of the day, you must remember that credible companies, whether they are consultants or final employers, will never ask you to pay money to get a job. Your qualifications and capabilities are the only things that will matter to them as their goal is always to find the best fitment for the job. Many of these fraudulent agencies try to build credibility by using Monster’s name. So, watch out, don’t fall for these scams.

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