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Hacks to make your CV shine

Preparing for an interview at your dream company? What if you could create a good impression on the recruiter even before appearing for it? Wondering how? – well, that’s what a good, well-drafted CV can do.

Typically, a recruiter receives numerous resumés for any particular job post. Research shows that he/she spends only about seven seconds evaluating a CV before making a final decision.

So, do you think your CV has what it takes to make the cut? Not sure?

Monstergulf.com presents some hacks to help you create a winning resumé to stand out in the crowd and beat the competition:

  • Be a skill acquirer
    One of the ways to make your CV stand out is to show that you possess the necessary skills for the job. If you can also outline a pattern of continuously learning new skills or creating value from existing ones, your CV becomes even more noticeable. Finally, even if your resumé already includes your strongest qualifications, upgrading it from time to time with the newest skills acquired is advised.
  • Come across as polished, not pretentious
    There is a difference between presenting yourself as a promising candidate and as someone who is a ‘know it all’. This is where a well-drafted CV, which maintains a consistent information flow and details the most relevant points, comes in handy. Keep the information clear and concise and use easy to read fonts to make the CV look more professional.
  • One CV for one job
    No two jobs give the same priority to the same set of skills. Therefore, it is a good practice to adapt the CV according to the job description. The Career Objective should be well-drafted since it is the first thing recruiters read in an applicant’s CV. It should be drafted to mirror the needs of the job.
  • Always updated
    Most of the job postings are filled within a short span of time. So, you may not have the time to hold out applying for the job while you update your CV. Therefore, ensure that you revisit and refresh your resumé every few months, depending on how actively you are job hunting.
  • Be selective
    In any work profile, you end up taking on innumerable responsibilities. However, should you highlight all those in the CV? Perhaps not. Quantifiable achievements, such as sales targets achieved, costs reduced, or new customers acquired should be the ones included in the CV. These are the KPIs that prospective employer’s keep an eye out for.

These days there is a lot of buzz around making your CV visual. A well-crafted resumé that shows all your skills in own go, in a neat organized manner, is a sure-shot way to grab attention. Ensuring the potential employer/recruiter does not have to swim through data to get to relevant points, is always better. Add your photo to give your CV a personal touch. You can even include elements that reflect your personality or the industry you work in.

In case you feel you need professional help to improve your CV or draft a winning resumé Monster can help.

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