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Sales Coordinator Job Description

What is a Sales coordinator?

It is the primary responsibility of a Sales Coordinator to ensure that Sales Representatives are performing at maximum efficiency. Targets and quotas are set for sales teams, training is devised, and tools for presenting sales presentations are maintained. In addition to setting up appointments and making sure the sales team members have up-to-date support materials, they can help the team members improve their productivity. As well as handling sales, marketing, and deliveries, these individuals coordinate with other departments within an organization.

What does a Sales coordinator do?

Coordination of goods and services for consumers is the responsibility of a sales coordinator. A sales manager is responsible for coordinating the schedules and territories of different sales representatives, setting sales goals, and arranging the training. A few of the specific Sales coordinator job role duties include:

  • Leading the effort to organize resources for creating high-quality sales presentations.
  • Keeping product brochures and presentation slides up-to-date in the sales presentation inventory.
  • Serving as the primary contact with clients for inquiries about accounts or products.
  • A sales team is responsible for hiring and training staff members and ensuring they meet their quotas and targets.
  • To ensure orders are accurate and that they are fulfilled on time.
  • Providing potential customers with as many attractive products and services as possible.

Sales coordinator job duties include:

As it relates to the Sales coordinator job role, you may be required to perform some of the following duties:

  • Lead the effort to gather the resources necessary to create a high-quality sales presentation.
  • Make use of company assets to develop a filing system that provides both hard copy and digital copies of all active sales files.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of materials used for custom sales presentations, such as brochures and presentation folders.
  • Answer questions about clients’ accounts or products as the primary customer service contact.
  • Provide additional sales presentation help when needed by collaborating with other departments within the company.

Job brief for COO 

It takes an experienced and talented person for a Sales coordinator job position to lead a team of highly skilled professionals to be efficient, effective, and productive. The Sales coordinator job brief summarizes the following objectives: 

  • It is the responsibility of the Sales Coordinator to provide the field sales team with the necessary support. 
  • By keeping schedules and providing feedback, documentation, and information, the sales coordinator serves as a point of reference for colleagues and customers. 
  • They strive to streamline activities such that the team performs optimally and the company develops solidly and long-term.

Responsibilities of Sales coordinator 

The following are some of the typical responsibilities you might have in a Sales coordinator job role:

  • The sales coordinator job role requires him/ her to contact customers to schedule appointments and make sure Sales Representatives have the best, most updated support materials, I help the sales department improve their productivity.
  • While sales representatives are unavailable, handle urgent calls, emails, and messages, inform customers of delays, arrange delivery dates, and schedule marketing events.
  • The process of handling orders through the mail, email, or phone and checking that the order has the correct price, discount, and product number.
  • Process orders accurately, deliver orders on time, and ensure those customer requirements are met.
  • Ensure efficient handling of sales, marketing, queries, and deliveries by working with other departments.
  • Assisting the finance department through the creation of filing systems and preparing reports.
  • The sales coordinator job position requires him/her to recruit and train sales personnel and make certain sales targets are met.
  • Planning and managing a budget for expenses such as bonuses, marketing, and travel.
  • The sales coordinator job position requires him/her to make potential customers as interested in a company’s products and services as possible.
  • Adherence to licensing laws, regulations, and policy.

Requirements for Sales coordinator

Here are some requirements you might have if you’re applying for a Sales coordinator job position:

  • Requires a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a related field
  • In addition to 2+ years of sales experience
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, Access
  • Capability to function in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong leadership skills and team-building abilities

Average Salary for Sales coordinator(City Based Tables)

No.CitySales coordinator job’s average Salary/year
1Mumbai, MaharashtraRs. 320,035
2Pune, MaharashtraRs. 296,721
3Bangalore, KarnatakaRs. 312,768
4Chennai, Tamil NaduRs. 298,236
5Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshRs. 244,168
6New Delhi, DelhiRs. 269,377
8Kolkata, West BengalRs. 200,000

Key Skills

  • The candidate must have proven sales experience; experience as a sales coordinator or in another administrative position is an asset
  • Sound computer skills 
  • Command in English
  • Capable of problem-solving and well-organized
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
  • High level of commitment to team members

Why pursue a career as a Sales coordinator?

The sales coordinator coordinates the sales programs of an organization, recruits, and trains sales representatives, and implements sales strategies. Business owners who hire sales managers can delegate daily tasks such as developing promotions, making sales appointments, meeting with clients, negotiating contracts, and watching earnings.

  • As the needs of a sales coordinator increase day after day, you make fairly good money.
  • Unlike the average salesperson, you have a broader range of skills. It depends on how many leads they have and what size deal they close in a month/quarter for an average salesperson. For 1-3 months before closing a big deal, salespeople may not make much money if leads are scarce and deals are big. Salespeople experience these fluctuations – but sales managers don’t, at least since they have multiple salespeople on their staff. 
  • In your role as a sales representative, you have a lot more contact with marketing and customer success. This is a great learning experience.
  • Delegation and selection of tasks are yours. Having leadership responsibilities entails it.
  • If you work for a startup, you’ll have more equity than the average salesperson.
  • By understanding the sales coordinator’s life trajectory, you can make a meaningful impact. It is not important what you spend your money on, as long as you do not do anything stupid with your money. If you are good and your team crushes numbers, you will leapfrog into the higher middle class.
  • Most sales coordinators have a good understanding of the markets they serve, which allows them to research, evaluate, and suggest new markets that could be profitable. A sales coordinator can also expand the prospect list of a company by drawing on her expertise, contacts, and knowledge of new industries or demographics.

How to become a Sales coordinator?

When you’re considering becoming a sales coordinator, education is one of the first things you should consider. According to the data, 65.6% of sales coordinators hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, 5.0% of sales coordinators hold a master’s degree. It’s possible to become a sales coordinator with just a high school diploma or GED, but most have a college degree.

When looking for how to become a sales coordinator, selecting the right major is important. A major for a sales coordinator is typically a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, according to our research. A high school diploma or a master’s degree may also appear on a sales coordinator’s resume.

If you have experience in other jobs, it may be helpful to you in your new role as a sales coordinator. Administrative assistant positions, for example, are common positions that require previous sales experience. Several sales coordinators also have previous work experience as customer service representatives and sales associates.

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