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Working as an Independent Contractor

Working as an independent contractor is a highly flexible prospect for many people nowadays who prefer the simplicity of employee status with a great work-life balance.

An independent contractor offers skills or professional services for a temporary period contract without having the legal status of an employee. The contractors can pursue their other business interests parallel to their contract jobs with no legal liability.

Contract jobs are picking up the pace in highly specialized or technical fields, varying from computer programming, engineering, accounting, marketing to construction and healthcare. These industries have independent contractors in every department.

Don’t dismiss an opportunity of taking up a contract job simply because you’re unsure of your career growth chart as an independent contractor. There are many good reasons to seek out a contract job as part of your search for work.

You’re your own boss

As a contractor, you are in essence working for yourself. You’re in more control over your schedule and have more time to spend with family. Your paycheck will not have taxes deducted; you set your own work timings and leverage your work experience in the best way possible. The greatest advantage of being a contractor is the freedom to choose your own assignments as opposed to being ordered what to do. Millions of people are showing an inclination towards contract jobs versus permanent employment.

You’re paid better 

Contract jobs generally offer an advantage of 30-40% higher gross pay as compared to the permanent jobs. The increase depends upon industry to industry. However, you need to be highly meticulous in your interaction with the companies you opt to work with as a contractor.

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