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Would you work if you didn’t have to earn a living?

‘If you didn’t have to work for a living, would you still work?’

You’d expect the response to this hypothetical question would be a resounding no.

After all, which one of us hasn’t dreamt of endless days in front of the TV? Or traveling the world? But when it comes down to it, an aimless existence is not the top choice for Gulf employees.


In a recent survey conducted by Monster Gulf, asking respondents ‘If you didn’t have to work for a living, would you still work?’, an overwhelming majority of respondents (75%) voted yes. While 16% said they wouldn’t work if their livelihood wasn’t dependent on it, 9% remain ambivalent.

The fact that people still want to work, when money is taken out of the equation, is heartening. It indicates that employees find their jobs – or the task of working — intrinsically rewarding.

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Money isn’t major motivator for employees
Regardless of their reasons to work, money has never been a major motivator. An earlier poll on ‘What benefits would retain you for long in an organization” revealed that a salary hike is fairly low on an employee’s list of expectations. Career advancement opportunities (39%) are the main reason to stay back in a job.

By placing opportunities for personal growth ahead, employees have shown that money doesn’t exert any major influence over their career decisions.

Why do we work, if we don’t need money?
Without the push to earn a livelihood, what motivates people to work? Psychology professor Barry Schwartz attempts to answer that question in his book titled Why We Work. Apart from feeling engaged and challenged by tasks, Schwartz says the social engagement work offers is very important. Also, people regard work as ‘meaningful’ and believe what they do makes a difference to the world.

All of these causes may seem far-fetched to those who believe that people head to the Gulf to make large amounts of money. But times are a changing. A recent survey done by Gulf News cited cultural variety, team spirit, intrapreneurship, transparency and positivity as factors that employees consider essential to their happiness at work.

Can’t find a reason to go to work every day? May be it’s time to Find Better!

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