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How To Write an Unforgettable Farewell Message With Samples

Send off wishes are always bittersweet. As you prepare to leave a company or cherished co-workers, summing up your gratitude and well wishes into a heartfelt farewell message can feel daunting.

But a thoughtfully crafted farewell message let colleagues know they made a difference and will be remembered. The right words provide closure while inspiring optimism for the future.

This guide shares tips for writing unforgettable farewell messages and impactful opening lines. It also grants sample messages for various relationships and final lines that wrap up your message with purpose. Use it to spread positivity and leave a lasting, thoughtful final impression.

Why Farewell Messages Matter? 

Farewell wishes recognize contributions. They convey care and connection beyond the workplace. Additionally, they offer encouragement for the next chapter, and provide meaningful closure.

Thoughtfully crafted messages:

  • Express genuine appreciation for team members’ talents, efforts, and partnership
  • Share the positive impact co-workers made through specific memories and inside jokes
  • Offer heartfelt well wishes for future happiness and success
  • Provide meaningful closure to a chapter while inspiring optimism for new beginnings

A great farewell message may bring tears of sadness when saying goodbye or joy in remembering meaningful moments. But most importantly, they reinforce colleagues’ self-worth and importance. Your words can make someone’s day, week, or career. A heartfelt farewell message to team member should express gratitude. 

Tips to Write an Unforgettable Farewell Message

Follow these tips for crafting a memorable, impactful farewell message to colleague:

Craft a Memorable Opening Line

Make your farewell message to the employee pop from the first line. Consider using:

  • A meaningful quote like, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
  • A callback to an inside joke between you and the recipient
  • An anecdote about how you met or a memory that defined your relationship

Convey Appreciation and Gratitude

A goodbye message to team should be personalized. Share what you value most about your time together with specific memories that meant a lot to you. Sentences like:

  • “Your mentorship this past year has helped me grow professionally and equipped me with skills I’ll leverage for life.”
  • “From chats over coffee breaks to pulling off successful campaigns together, I’ll always reflect fondly on our camaraderie.”

Express appreciation for their talents, efforts, and positive imprint on you.

Offer Best Wishes for the Future

Include heartfelt wishes for their happiness and success in their next chapter that feel specific to who they are. For example:

  • “I can’t wait to see all the lives you’ll change through your passion for helping others.”
  • “With your creativity, strategic thinking and vision, I’m excited to see the new heights you’ll reach.”

Compliment strengths they brought to the team that will serve them well moving forward.

Add a Personal Touch

Incorporate inside jokes and nicknames in the message.  Moreover, you may mention special memories you shared in the thank you and farewell message to colleagues:

  • “I’ll never forget the time we planned Kelly’s surprise party together – I still don’t know how we pulled it off!”

Also, mention unique quirks in the farewell message to team member you’ll fondly remember about them:

  • “I’ll miss your infamous desk dancing when you thought no one was looking.”

Adding personal touches makes your farewell message to employee more meaningful.

Close With an Impactful Final Line

The final lines provide closure while inspiring optimism. Impactful closings of farewell message to colleague include:

  • “This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you down the road.”
  • “Thanks for the memories – here’s to many more adventures ahead!”
  • “Wishing you happiness wherever the next chapter leads.”
  • “You’re going to continue doing amazing things – can’t wait to celebrate your future success!”

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Sample Farewell Messages

Use these examples to craft a touching farewell message to colleagues:

To a Colleague:

“Jenny, working with you these past 5 years has been such a pleasure. From our coffee breaks chatting about life to pulling off successful campaigns together, I’ll always think back fondly on our friendship and camaraderie.

I appreciate your amazing talents like your willingness to always help others and ability to spread joy in challenging situations. These gifts will serve you well in your next chapter. I know with your passion for helping people plus your creativity and strategic thinking, you’re destined to continue doing great things.

Wishing you all the best in your new role and new city. I have no doubt you’ll continue impacting lives there like you did with us. Stay in touch! This isn’t goodbye forever – maybe just see you later over video chat!”

To a Team Member:

“Lisa, your dedication, critical thinking and willingness to jump into challenges with enthusiasm made such a difference on the product design team. I appreciate all you’ve brought to the table – from leading key projects fearlessly to knowing how to have fun along the way with your humor.

As you move forward to your next opportunity, I want to wish you success and joy. With your vision and ability to inspire teams, I can’t wait to see all the innovation you lead in the future. And I have a hunch with your musical talents, Chicago’s theatre scene better watch out!

I’ll miss your spunk around the office but am excited for your next chapter. You have so much awesome impact ahead of you. Stay awesome!”

To the Entire Team:

“Dear Team, today marks my last day but I wanted to thank you for an amazing ride over the past 3 years. I’ll truly miss the passion, collaboration and kindness I’ve witnessed from all of you daily.

We’ve been through product launches, pivots and celebration worthy milestones together. Thank you for your hard work making this all happen. Our customers have felt the care you put into your roles. I’m proud of the difference we’ve made in people’s lives together.

As I move onto my next opportunity, know that you all made a positive, lasting imprint on me. Keep up the great work – I can’t wait to see it continue flourishing from afar. Wishing you the very best!”


A Farewell message recognizes teammates for their talents and efforts. And it does so while looking ahead with encouragement and optimism. Crafting the right sentiments in the thank you and farewell message to colleagues takes thoughtfulness. And be assured that it certainly makes a difference.

Sum up the appreciation and well wishes to make it more personalized. These meaningful parting words provide closure for this chapter while reinforcing co-workers’ self-worth.

Use the tips and examples in this guide. With that, you can spread positivity and leave a lasting impression through your own farewell message.

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FAQs on Writing Farewell Messages 

Q1: What are some tips for writing an impactful farewell message?

Ans: Craft a memorable opening line and offer best wishes for the future. Don’t forget to add personal touches and close with an inspiring final line.

Q2: How long should a touching farewell message to colleagues be?

Ans: A farewell message to employee can vary in length. However, one should aim for at least 3-5 sentences to provide enough detail and thoughtfulness. Keep only the close relationship messages longer.

Q3: Should I handwrite my farewell message?

Ans: Handwritten notes can add a nice personal touch for a goodbye message. However, typed messages sent by email, cards or letters also make meaningful impacts. Choose what best fits your relationship.

Q4: How do I express appreciation without sounding repetitive?

Ans: Share specific examples of the person’s impact through memories of working together. Compliment unique strengths they brought to the team.

Q5: What if I don’t know the person very well?

Ans: Focus your message on wishing them well in the future based on what you do know of their skills and aspirations. A thoughtful closing line can apply universally.

Q6: How personal should I get in a farewell message?

Ans: Drawing from inside jokes or fun memories makes a farewell message more meaningful. However, keep messages to colleagues focused on professional relationships.

Q7: Do I have to include well wishes about the future?

Ans: No, but positivity and optimism for what lies ahead makes for nice closure. Follow their lead based on what they’ve shared about next steps.

Q8: When should I send my farewell message?

Ans: Send non-personal company-wide messages on your last day. For key individual colleagues, send closer to your last week once dates are known.

Q9: Can farewell messages ever be too long?

Ans: It is thoughtful to customize messages for closer relationships. However, giant blocks of text can lose impact. Stick to key highlights and memories.

Q10: What tone is best for these messages?

Ans: Warm, gracious, optimistic and genuine tones make the best impact. Inside jokes loosely fit in but avoid negativity or airing grievances.

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