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Tips to Help Freshers Kickstart Their Career Confidently

After years of toiling and doing truckloads of homework, a youngster feels liberated when he or she graduates. Being a fresh graduate is an exhilarating feeling. One phase of your life – that of a student – is ending, and another, as an employee, is just starting. 

So, how do you look for a Job in Dubai, if you are just starting out? Here are the basics.

Transitioning from a student to an employee may not be always easy. Fresh graduates are often apprehensive about their lack of employment experience and enough credentials to support their aspirations.

However, focusing more on what you can bring to the table and how you can add value to your future role, you could make an impression and grab that opportunity to work in your dream organisation.

Here are some tips for freshers looking out for their first job.

1. Know Yourself 

It is extremely important to find out about yourself before you start your job search. Reflect upon yourself and spot your strengths, weaknesses, and passions. Write your strengths and brush up on your skills. Acknowledge your shortcomings and work on them. Find out the subjects that interest and inspire you.

Ask yourself what you would like to do and later convert it into your career. Understanding what is important for you in life and your job will help you plan your career well. If you are someone with no work experience, try to answer the simple question, “What do you want to do?” The answer will help you choose your career. 

2. Look Beyond Your Degree 

Fresh graduates restrict themselves thinking that their careers are directly linked to their graduation. While the degree can help you bag a job in a specific industry or sector, it should not limit you to follow another career path you are passionate about.

Many entry-level openings look for a bachelor’s degree but the rise in positions comes more from experience than from your degrees. Hence, don’t be afraid to choose a path you are passionate about and avoid getting trapped into the stereotypical roles that don’t excite you. 

3. Networking is the Key

Start networking as much as possible in your chosen field, even while you’re on campus. Besides improving your chances of getting a job, these connections can often refer you to some good roles in your area of specialisation.

Connect with new people and learn from them. Get out of your comfort zone and network with people with valuable skill sets. There are jobs in Dubai for freshers and other overseas destinations, too, which new grads can tap into. 

4. Plan Well 

As the saying goes, planning is half the job done. This fits perfectly for your career, too. This is one of the most important stages while selecting a career. Before applying for a job, find out more about the company, their work culture, salary and job responsibilities. 

Find out about the scope, expectations and challenges of your role by browsing the internet and connecting with professionals in similar positions in that industry. Look for the minimum requirements for your target job by going through similar job descriptions and create a resume that showcases how you are a fit for the particular role. 

5. Build A Resume

A resume is an important tool for your job search. This is the first step with which you can showcase your skills and qualities. While a well-crafted resume helps employers make hiring decisions, it helps you get your first interview. A functional resume is one of the best formats as it allows you to fit your experiences.

Being a fresher, create a section for each type of skill that you have got in the resume. Try to keep it brief and impactful. Highlight your strengths, achievements, and experience through summer camps, workshops, or internships, if any.

Ensure to mention the reasons you feel the company should hire you. Try taking the support of professionals from job portals like Monster, who offer resume building services to craft an impressive resume. The better the resume, the more chances of you getting your interview. 

6. Be Confident

Employers love to hire a candidate who is confident. However, organisations also look for a candidate’s willingness to learn and grow. Along with the qualifications of the job, a graduate need to convince the interviewer that he or she is confident and always ready to learn and is humble in approach.

7. Learn as Much as You Can

The best part of a fresher’s life is that the candidate in you is always curious to know more. Use this phase in life to learn as much as you can. Don’t have any inhibition to ask the right questions and be proactive. Learn your role well and do well. Offer to assist with projects and extend your support to accomplish team goals.

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