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Tips to Get a Nursing Job in the Middle East

In a world where diseases are widespread, nurses play a crucial role. They assist in taking care of patients’ health and are usually the first ones to respond.

However, being a nurse can be quite challenging. It is important to receive proper training before giving any medicines or applying for nursing jobs in Dubai or the Middle East.

Best Places for Nursing Jobs in the Middle East

Many places in the Middle East have a high demand for nurses and nursing jobs.

Nursing Jobs in Dubai

The UAE has different health regulatory agencies for its emirates. The most prominent of all medical centres in the Middle East is Dubai. It is a hotspot for many nurses around the world since there is no tax on income.

To be eligible to apply for nursing jobs in Dubai, you need to clear the DHA examination and get a healthcare license. The DHA license gives you the license to work in healthcare at Dubai hospitals.

Additionally, the city also has the largest Healthcare free zone in the world. However, you need to have a DHCC license to work in this region. Here you can work in healthcare, medicine, and wellness.

What do Nursing Jobs in Dubai Entail?

There are several types of nursing jobs in Dubai. Nurses play a variety of roles in hospitals, home care units, or nursing homes.

Here are a few of their responsibilities:

  • They take care of the sick
  • They act as support staff for the main surgeon or doctor
  • They communicate with patients and learn their needs
  • They monitor patient health and handle medical equipment

Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Like Dubai, people from different countries can apply for nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Firstly, you need to undergo a data flow verification of your certificates and nursing records. After successful verification, the SCFHS will provide you with an eligibility number.

Use the number to log in for the Prometric exam, the licensing exam for nurses in Saudi Arabia. The SCFHS will receive your score and provide you with professional certification. You will need to take the last part of the exam in a hospital.

Nursing Jobs in Oman

Oman boasts of free healthcare for all of its citizens. However, since there is a high demand for nurses, it might be easy to get a nursing job in Oman compared to other countries in the Middle East.

The minimum requirement to step into healthcare in Oman is to have either a diploma certificate or a BSN degree. If you are an Omani national, you can join the practice. As a foreigner, you need to clear the Prometric exam and get your documents verified.

After clearing the exam, you can work as a registered nurse in Oman.

How to Become a Good Nurse in the Middle East

To become a good nurse and get a nursing jobs in Middle East, you need to have the following skills:


It is important to have good communication skills since you need to talk to patients and pass on information to the doctor. Many tasks of the nurse involve communication in verbal or written form.

Knowledge of Medical Equipment

Nurses need to operate many medical equipment or administer dosages. Thus, you must be strong in medicine and human anatomy.

Unquestionable Work Ethic & Adaptability

Nurses need to adapt to situations and provide support to the surgeon in charge. Sometimes, they have to forego sleep to save a patient’s life.


As a nurse, you need to be empathetic to the patients. It will help you understand the patients better. However, you must also be professional in your nursing activities.

Salary of Nurses in the Middle East

The salary for a registered nurse varies the region to region. Nursing jobs in Dubai have some of the highest payouts in the Middle East. It also varies based on years of experience and position you are in.

The salary of a registered nurse in Dubai is AED 62,020. On the other hand, the payout of a staff nurse is AED 90,959 according to PayScale.

Nursing is a profession that is in high demand. You can not only earn good money but also have the noble opportunity to serve people in need of health care.

FAQ on Nursing Job in the Middle East

Q:1 What qualifications do I need to get a nursing job in the Middle East?

A: To secure a nursing job in the Middle East, you typically need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree or equivalent, along with a valid nursing license. Some countries may also require additional certifications or language proficiency.

Q:2 Are there any specific skills that can enhance my chances of getting a nursing job in the Middle East?

A: Yes, having specialized skills such as critical care, emergency, or pediatric nursing can make you more competitive. Additionally, having prior experience in multicultural healthcare settings or proficiency in Arabic language can also be beneficial.

Q:3 How can I find nursing job opportunities in the Middle East?

A: You can explore various avenues such as online job portals, recruitment agencies specializing in healthcare, networking with professionals in the field, and attending job fairs or conferences related to nursing and healthcare in the Middle East.

Q:4 What should I include in my nursing job application for the Middle East?

A: It’s important to prepare a well-crafted resume highlighting your relevant education, licenses, certifications, and work experience. Additionally, include a personalized cover letter explaining your interest in working in the Middle East and any specific skills or experiences that make you a suitable candidate.

Q:5 How can I prepare for a nursing job interview in the Middle East?

A: Research the healthcare system, nursing practices, and cultural norms of the specific country you are applying to. Be ready to discuss your clinical expertise, adaptability, and willingness to work in a diverse environment. It’s also beneficial to prepare examples of how you have handled challenging situations or demonstrated cultural sensitivity in your previous nursing experiences.

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