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Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is one of the richest economies in the world based on GDP per capita and is expected to continue its steady growth in the coming years. Over the past decades, the country has become a lucrative hub for expats from across the world looking for jobs in Qatar owing to its favourable employment policies and availability of tax-free jobs.

If you are looking for a job in Qatar, there is a growing demand for professionals like you in a wide range of sectors like petroleum, retail, healthcare, tourism, education, and engineering. 

Here is a list of top ten high-paying jobs in Qatar you can choose from:

  1. IT Professionals

Information technology is a fast-growing sector in Qatar, and recent years have seen a boom in demand for qualified IT professionals across domains. Salaries for IT jobs in Qatar range from 8,170 QAR per month to 25,700 QAR per month. In case you are relocating for IT jobs in Qatar, you should be able to negotiate a higher salary to cover your relocation costs.   

  1. Senior Managers

The booming economy of Qatar has opened up newer avenues for professionals in senior management from across the world. There are several multinationals based in the country, and senior management positions feature among the top jobs in Qatar for expats. Salaries range from 7,000 QAR to 35,000 QAR per month. 

  1. Lawyers

While legal jobs in Qatar are among the most lucrative in the country, you have to fulfil certain conditions to be able to work as a lawyer in the nation. Foreign lawyers who are working in registered international law firms in Qatar might be allowed to practice upon the fulfilment of certain clauses. Lawyers generally earn around 40,000 QAR per month. 

  1. Medical Professionals

The government of Qatar is committed to improving the state of healthcare in the country, and this has led to a rise in vacancies in medical jobs in Qatar. Laboratory technicians, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals are in high demand. Salaries for healthcare professionals range from 4,900 QAR to 70,000 QAR per month. 

  1. Teachers

Education in Qatar is very diverse, and there are hundreds of international schools and colleges in the country. As a school teacher or a college professor, you have ample opportunities to apply for teaching jobs in Qatar. Teaching is a highly competitive field, and you need the perfect job search strategy to help you get hired. While a school teacher earns around 5,263 QAR per month, a college professor gets an average salary of 22,300 QAR. 

  1. Media Professionals

As a leading regional figure in mass media in the Middle East, Qatar has numerous newspapers and magazines in circulation. Mass media jobs in Qatar also include careers in radio and TV. Professionals in media and broadcasting make an average salary of 14,400 QAR per month. 

  1. Airline Jobs

Being a popular tourism destination, Qatar has a well-developed transportation system. Qatar Airways links over 150 international destinations across the world and offers lucrative jobs in Qatar for air hostesses, cabin crew members, and pilots. Flight attendants start at 7,000 QAR to 13,000 QAR per month, while pilots can get up to 50,000 QAR per month. 

  1. Hospitality Jobs

Qatar has a flourishing tourism industry that looks set to revive itself in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic. The coming years will see a steady demand for passionate hospitality professionals like chefs, waiters, hotel managers, cashiers, and housekeeping staff. 

  1. Jobs in the Banking Sector

As a fast-growing economy, Qatar has a dynamic banking sector that has maintained its stability and efficiency through the years. The number of banking jobs in Qatar is expected to rise in the near future. Salaries in the banking sector range from 5,370 QAR to 35,000 QAR per month. 

  1. Engineers 

When it comes to jobs in Qatar, there is always a high demand for different kinds of engineers, especially mechanical and chemical engineers, in the petroleum industry. On average, a civil engineer earns 81,977 QAR per month while a mechanical engineer gets 93,141 QAR. 

If you are looking for jobs in Qatar, you have ample options to choose from according to your qualifications and experiences. Simply visit Monstergulf.com to find high-paying and fulfilling jobs in Qatar today! 

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