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Best career options for girls

Top Career Choices for Women & Choose the Best Jobs for Girls

There are an infinite number of career choices for women in today’s modern era. The women have broken free from the social boundaries and progressed personally and professionally. Women are career-oriented and stand equally among their male counterparts. Women are successful in every field and have created a niche for themselves. The demand for women in all industries has also increased over the years. Women possess some skills that are less common in men. Therefore, some industries prefer women over men as their ideal candidates. 

If you are a girl who wants to have a successful career and evaluate different career choices, we are going to help you by listing and explaining the best career options for girls below. You can choose a career of your choice depending on your interests, passions, and skillset. However, you must evaluate all the available options before making a final decision. Whether you are looking for careers after college or best jobs – women, you can consider the following options:

1. Teacher/ Education Expert

Teaching is considered one of the best-paying jobs for girls in India. Due to women being predisposed to being empathetic, being a teacher is one of the best roles for them. If you enjoy teaching and helping others, you can consider this career option. You can shape the future generations of the country and contribute to the country’s growing education sector. There are specialized courses for teaching available. Although every institute has different eligibility criteria, B. Ed (Bachelors in Education) is mostly required for becoming a teacher. It is a top career for females and has various benefits related to leaves, working hours, and workload as compared to other jobs.

2. Human Resource Management

Every organization has a Human Resource team. This team is responsible for recruiting, managing, training, and helping the personnel of an organization. In the past few years, this sector has seen immense growth and become one of the best career options for girls.  If you are good with people, can give attention to detail, and have great communication skills, HR is among the good career choices for women. It is a high-paying job and provides a fulfilling career path. You can pursue Bachelors and Masters’ in Human Resource Management to make a career in this field.

3. Journalism

Journalism has been dominated by women over the years. It is one of the best careers for girls. After completing a journalism course, you can work in media houses, publishing houses, or practice independent journalism. You can work as a writer, editor, journalist, reporter, or research analyst. The scope of work and career growth is immense in this field. It is one of the best-paying jobs for girls. You can pursue journalism and mass communication courses to become a successful journalist. 

4. Nutritionist

With an increase in awareness for health and fitness, the demand for nutritionists has increased rapidly. As a nutritionist, you can provide diet charts, health tips, and fitness regimes to your clients. You can work in a hospital, fitness centre, or open your clinic. You can pursue this career after college by doing a bachelor’s in Nutrition. There are diploma courses also available to become a nutritionist. You can earn very well and your income is going to increase as you become more and more successful. It is a top career for females.

5. Counsellor

In India, the demand for counselling services is increasing. This is because people have become more aware of mental health and are accepting counselling as therapy. Since women are empathetic, caring, good listeners, and have good interpersonal skills, counselling is a good career option for girls. You can be a career counsellor, family counsellor, life coach, or advisor. You can work with counselling clinics, NGOs, or practice privately. It is among the best-paying jobs for girls.

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6. Fashion and Design

Fashion and Design are an integral part of every woman’s life. If you are creative and passionate, you can choose to become a Fashion Designer. There are unlimited options in this industry for you. You can become an assistant designer, textile designer, or even a model. You can also set up your boutique and make your clientele. You can earn very well throughout your career. You can pursue a course in fashion designing to gain knowledge and exposure to the fashion industry.

7. Gynecologist

Gynae is a profession suitable for women. Since the patients are women themselves, they are more comfortable with female gynaecologists. Although you have to invest a lot of years in studying to become a gynaecologist once you establish yourself, it is one of the best paying jobs for girls. You can work in a hospital, medical institute, or privately in your clinic. It is stressful but a fulfilling career option for girls. 

8. Nursing

Nursing is a highly demanding career and is considered a good career choice for women. It is a noble job of helping the sick and the needy. As a nurse, you need to attend to patients, take care of their needs, and monitor their health. You can undergo a course in nursing before applying for this job position. Then, with time and experience, you can grow in this career path.

9. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist is definitely among the best career options for girls. If you love makeup and have a passion for it, this is the most suitable career for you. There is always a demand for good makeup artists and there are no bounds to the career opportunities in this field. You can become a successful makeup artist by enrolling yourself in good makeup courses. You can initially practice under a successful makeup artist to learn and gain experience. Later on, you can become an independent makeup artist. You can start this career after college as well. Your earnings may vary according to your skills. As you become more experienced with time, you can demand a higher fee from your clients.

10. Hospitality

Since women have great interpersonal skills, etiquette, and communication skills, there is a high demand for them in the hospitality sector. If you are interested in working in a hotel or a restaurant, you can pursue a hotel management course after completing your 12th class. The hospitality sector is popular and it pays well. You can also run your business like a hotel or a restaurant after gaining experience and exposure through your job.

11. Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess

It is among the great career choices for women in the country. It is a highly reputable job and offers many benefits. You can work as an air hostess for eight to ten years and later on you can work in the airport management team. You can also become an air hostess trainer later. If you want to become an air hostess, you need to enrol yourself in a training course offered by various academies. Your job responsibilities include helping and taking care of the flight passengers.

12. Banking 

Banking is a popular sector in our country. There are many aspirants for a banking job yet you will find a large number of women running and managing banks efficiently. There are various exams for entry and advanced levels that are conducted all over the country. If you want to work in the banking sector, you need to clear these exams to get selected. The banking sector provides you a growing career among various other benefits. You can work in either government or private banks. It is a successful career option for girls.

13. Business Management

Women are good at managing everything and can be successful business managers. If you want a management role in an organization, you can undertake business management courses at graduation and post-graduation levels. It is among the best-paying jobs for girls. Depending on your interest and specialization, you can work in various teams like sales, finance, marketing, or human resource. 

14. Law

Women can become successful advocates or lawyers. If you have the passion to help people and can fight for their rights, you can become a successful lawyer. It comes under top careers for females and is highly rewarding. First, you need to pursue a law course and then choose your specialty. You can be a criminal lawyer, family lawyer, corporate lawyer, or civil lawyer. This career can be demanding but is highly fulfilling.

15. Social Worker

Social workers are highly in demand due to various social issues in our society. Women make up great social workers due to their affectionate and understanding nature. If you want to help people and improve social conditions, this is the job for you. You can work with an NGO or individually, to help your community. You can work with homeless, underprivileged children, elderly, or sick people. There is no greater work than helping the needy. Therefore, it is considered one of the best career choices for women.

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1. Can a good resume help me land the dream job?

Making sure that the resume is tailored according to the industry standards and to the particular organization that you’re opting for would work well.

2. What career choice is more dominant today?

Due to the pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers, especially nurses have increased exponentially.

3. What are some good career choices for girls studying Engineering?

A software developer, automation, data scientist are some of the more high paying jobs in this field.

4. What are a few options for women who do not have a relevant degree?

Pilots, dental hygienists, radiation therapists are some of the options that do not require a specific degree.

5. Is career counselling advised for young women who are about to start their careers?

A trained professional will certainly help in guiding the applicants and making them understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will enable them to find the right job.

Although there are endless career opportunities for women, we have discussed some of the top careers for females in the country. You can choose a career by considering various factors such as your skills, job opportunities, career growth, job requirements, and career goals. You can also attend career seminars or consult a career counsellor if you face any challenges while choosing the most suitable career for yourself. Once you choose a career, you can undergo the course and training for that field. Your education plays an essential role in your career. Your education can give you knowledge and exposure to the industry and teach you the basics of the subject matter. You can further undergo training to gain experience and understand the practical nature of work. A career is successful only when you work hard with complete dedication. You can consider the above-given career options for girls while planning your career goals.

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