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How to Prepare for TCS Aptitude Test

Ranked among the leading IT services companies in the country, TCS attracts many job seekers. Applications for the TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) 2024 are now open, and the competition is tough. Everything, including the revised syllabus and exam schedule, is easily accessible, so all you need is a winning approach and good preparation.

The most difficult aspect of the TCS NQT exam is that you have relatively little time to prepare. After completing the application form, it will take no more than 4 to 5 months. So you must work hard and make the most use of your time.

The selection process broadly comprises two stages—the aptitude test and the interview. The former can further be broken up into four different sections:

a. E-mail writing
b. Quantitative ability and reasoning
c. Programming and computer science
d. Coding test

The last two have been introduced recently.

Here’s what you need to know about the TCS Aptitude Test and how to prepare for it:

Eligibility for TCS Selection Process

Before applying for TCS jobs, individuals should be informed about TCS eligibility in 2024. To be considered for active recruiting in 2024, candidates must meet all eligibility conditions, which include age, educational qualification, and nationality. If a candidate succeeds the TCS selection process in 2024, but it is later discovered that the candidate does not meet the eligibility conditions, they will be automatically disqualified.

AgeStudents should be 18 to 28 years old to participate.
Highest QualificationCompleted education within the stipulated course duration.
Backlogs/Arrears/ATKTNo pending backlogs allowed.
Gap/Break-in EducationUp to a two-year gap in academic years is allowed. Must declare any gaps. Total academic gap not to exceed 24 months.
PercentageMinimum aggregate of 60% or 6 CGPA in Class X, Class XII, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation, and Post-Graduation.
Course TypeOnly full-time courses are considered. No part-time or correspondence courses.
Students from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) are eligible if previous courses were full-time.
B.E./B.Tech., M.E./M.Tech., MCA/M.Sc degrees from recognized institutions are eligible.
Work ExperienceUp to two years of past work experience is allowed, with a maximum of three years.

**Certification in various Programming Languages will be considered a bonus.

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TCS Selection Exam Pattern

The pattern and duration of each section is as follows:

Test SectionDescriptionNumber of QuestionsTime Allotted
English Test (Email Writing)Write an email110 minutes
Quantitative AbilitySolve quantitative problems2040 minutes
Programming Language EfficiencyAnswer questions on programming concepts1020 minutes
Coding TestSolve a coding problem120 minutes

The quantitative ability and programming language sections are based on the multiple-choice pattern and include negative markings and star questions (questions that carry extra marks/ weightage).

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TCS Aptitude Test Preparation Tips 

Find a subject-specific strategy for preparing for the TCS Aptitude Test, as recommended by experts, as well as time management and interview preparation suggestions.

Step 1: Create a Study Plan for the TCS Aptitude Test

Creating a study plan is the first and most crucial TCS Aptitude Test preparation strategy. Consider the following points when creating your study plan:

  • Create a monthly subject approach. Each month, make a list of a few topics you intend to cover over the next 30 days. 
  • Make a weekly plan to break them down into smaller targets that you can complete in 7 days. The weekends can be used to revise topics covered throughout the week. You can also take a weekly assessment test and attempt a full-mark paper to evaluate your progress thus far. 
  • Set daily goals to help you stay organised and avoid missing out on anything vital. 
  • Also, prepare a proper revision strategy to brush up on every topic and efficiently complete the TCS NQT Syllabus before the exam date.

Step 2: Subject-wise TCS Aptitude Test Preparation Tips for Online Exam

SectionPreparation Tips
Verbal Ability– Improve vocabulary through reading books, articles, and newspapers.
– Practice grammar rules and sentence structure to enhance linguistic abilities.
– Work on comprehension skills by regularly solving passages and answering questions based on them.
– Practice writing skills to express thoughts clearly and coherently.
– Solve Previous Year Papers (PYPs) to understand the types of topics and questions commonly asked in the exam.
Reasoning Ability– Practice different reasoning ability papers to familiarize yourself with the types of questions typically asked, such as puzzles and seating arrangements.
– Try solving various types of reasoning puzzles to enhance problem-solving skills.
Programming Logic– Be proficient in the programming language required for the test.
Numerical Ability– Ensure thorough coverage of all important topics mentioned in the syllabus.
– Practice regularly to improve speed and accuracy in solving numerical problems.
Hands-on-coding– Master the programming language needed for the test.
– Solve Previous Year Papers (PYPs) to understand the pattern of questions and topics commonly tested.

Step 3: Solve TCS Aptitude Test Previous Years Papers

One of the most important TCS Aptitude Test preparation tips is that candidates can practise with previous years’ question papers and sample papers to boost their preparation plan.

Important Tips to Prepare for TCS Aptitude Test: 

1. Email writing

As far as the email writing test is concerned, ensure that you strictly adhere to the directions. Use all the keywords maintain the same order, and strictly follow the instructions on word lengths. Try to use the exact keywords without changing their tense.

Pay attention to grammar and punctuation and keep your communication clear and concise.

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2. Quantitative ability

This is a multiple-choice round with a mix of logic and arithmetic questions. Avoid guessing since negative marking is applicable.

Some important topics in this section include numbers, time and work, averages, mixtures and allegations, data arrangements, permutations and combinations, ratios and proportions, profit and loss, time, speed and distance, blood relations, probability, ages, clocks and Sudoku.

3. Programming language proficiency

In this new round, candidates are expected to answer 10 multiple-choice questions related to basic programming concepts in C language in 20 minutes.

4. Coding test

Here you will be given 20 minutes to solve one programming question in C using an inbuilt compiler. The code must be written using Command Line Arguments.

Practice basic programming such as HCF, LCM, factorial, Fibonacci series, string programs, sum of numbers, even/odd, leap year etc.

5. Time management

It is also very crucial in solving the test. Solve the easy questions first. Also, don’t get stuck on solving the starred questions if you find it difficult just for extra marks—move on if it is taking up too much of your time.

Avoid guesswork in the multiple-choice questions since there are negative markings.

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FAQs on How to Prepare for TCS Aptitude Test

Q1. What is the best way to prepare for TCS Aptitude Test?

Answer. The best way to prepare for TCS Aptitude Test is to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the TCS exam pattern. 
  • Read all the rules and regulations. 
  • Create a study plan.
  • Solve Previous Year’s Questions and Mocks.

Q2. How many days are required for TCS NQT preparation?

Answer. The TCS NQT is divided into four weeks as the Logical Ability and Numerical Ability components take longer than the other sections. So the general concept is to start working on this in sections followed by the Verbal and Programming parts.

Q3. How to crack TCS easily?

Answer. Don’t waste more time on one question. 

  • First, answer all of the questions, and then, if time allows, go over the time-consuming questions.
  • Initially, two minutes are allotted to read the instructions. Please read the exam instructions properly.
  • The majority of the problems in the advanced quant and advanced reasoning sections were FUB (Fill in the blanks) questions. There are no options provided for such questions, therefore you must type the answer straight into the box.

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